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Meet the powerful and courageous individuals at the heart of Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers: our patients. 

Since opening our doors in 2000, we’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of people from all walks of life restore health and hope on their healing journeys. Whether you’re focusing on cancer prevention, personally navigating a diagnosis, or simply looking for information for a loved one, chances are we have served someone who has been in similar shoes. Who better to relay the Hope4Cancer experience than those who have lived it firsthand?

In their own words, our patients share personal stories of learning how to not only survive, but thrive after receiving a diagnosis. These individuals are living proof that there truly is hope for cancer. Each journey contains multitudes of unique wisdom and inspiration, as our community shares what they’ve learned at our treatment centers and what they overcame to get here.

Explore our Patient Journey videos below to learn how we’ve helped people like you.

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Jose and Caroline talking during patient journey interview.

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Jose and Caroline’s Prostate Cancer Journey

In early 2016, when Jose began grappling with some concerning bladder control symptoms, he sought the expertise of a urologist. This journey culminated in a biopsy — a moment Jose recalls with a heavy heart, not necessarily because of the diagnosis that awaited him but more so for the lack of support and empathy he received from his doctor. As his doctor confirmed Jose’s cancer diagnosis and shouted a detached cry of “BINGO!”, an already traumatic moment was amplified even more so. Alone, rattled, and overwhelmed, Jose wished for more compassionate care.

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Elizabeth smiling at husband Duncan during patient journey interview

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Elizabeth’s Breast Cancer Patient Journey

When Elizabeth first discovered a lump in her breast, she did what any diligent person would do and sought advice from her doctor. However, despite her efforts to be proactive, Elizabeth would not be diagnosed until over a year later, when the cancer had gotten significantly worse. Dissatisfied with her conventional doctors’ continued “wait-and-see” approach, Elizabeth decided it was time to take her treatment journey into her own hands and made her way to Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.

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Susan smiling during her patient journey interview.

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Susan’s Breast Cancer Patient Journey

When our patient, Susan, noticed a strange pain in her upper breast last May, she had no idea it was the unexpected start of a journey with cancer. Yet just a few days later, that pain led her to discover a lump in her breast. Unfortunately, a trip to her radiologist not only confirmed the disconcerting news but also illuminated the situation was worse than Susan had feared…

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Pieter and Elestra talking during patient interview.

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Pieter and Elestra’s Patient Journey

A country roughly the size of Maryland and nestled across the Atlantic becomes a common thread tying two strangers together on an unexpected journey toward healing. This is the story of Pieter and Elestra, who found not only friendship in an elevator at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers but also renewed strength and hope through their shared journey.

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Rachel and her companion talking during patient interview

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Rachel’s Breast Cancer Patient Journey

When Rachel was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, she had no idea just how long of a journey lay ahead. After an initial series of surgeries and chemotherapy treatments, she was given the “all clear” at the age of 31. But 12 years later, her tranquility was unexpectedly shaken when her cancer returned with a vengeance. Rachel soon found herself in the midst of a relentless health challenge that tested both her resilience and spirit.

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Jennifer smiling during patient journey

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Jennifer's Breast Cancer Patient Journey

When Hope4Cancer patient Jennifer first received the news of a stage 0 breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 28, her conventional team assured her she was young and that a mastectomy would be all she needed. Trusting their confidence and advice, she continued on with her life — but years later, Jennifer was devastated to find the cancer had returned and worsened.

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Rochelle smiling during patient journey interview

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Rochelle’s Breast Cancer Patient Journey

When a routine mammogram revealed three tumors and a shocking breast cancer diagnosis, Rochelle Hankins was immediately thrust into the motions of conventional cancer treatment, but found herself feeling disconnected and desiring something more. Noting her need for education and empowerment, she soon made her way to Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers…

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Rogelia smiling during patient journey interview

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Rogelia’s Breast Cancer Patient Journey

During a routine mammogram in November 2022, Rogelia Jimenez was flagged for a follow-up visit. After four months, an ultrasound, and a biopsy, she finally received clarity through the unsettling news of a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis. Learn how Rogelia overcame the pressure to act without thinking, as well as objections from family and friends, to pursue the treatment path that resonated with her at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.

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Maria and Dexter smiling during interview

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Maria’s Uterine Cancer Patient Journey

In September of 2020, Maria and her husband, Dexter, received the shocking news of a stage 4 uterine cancer diagnosis. One surgery and several rounds of chemotherapy later, Maria’s cancer was only continuing to spread, and Maria’s conventional doctor could provide no other treatment options or hope. Thankfully, some research and determination soon led her to Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.

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Tyler Wais patient smiling during interview

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Tyler's Colon Cancer Patient Journey

At the end of 2022, when Tyler first noticed some painful and frequent urination, he knew something was wrong but never would have guessed he was about to receive the shocking news of a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis. With the help of his daughter, Tyler began researching alternatives and within a week was on his way to Hope4Cancer Playas de Tijuana to receive a comprehensive cancer treatment approach.

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Linda patient smiling during interview

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Linda’s Rare Cancer Diagnosis Patient Journey

In March of 2022 after receiving the news of an ovarian cancer diagnosis, Hope4Cancer patient Linda initially turned to her local oncologist for help. Immediately pressed to start chemotherapy, the gravity of her situation only truly sunk in when she asked for a prognosis and was given none. Luckily, Linda made her way to Hope4Cancer and discovered a new path of healing and hope.

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Carly Shankman patient smiling and talking during interview

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2-Year Update: Carly's Thyroid Cancer Patient Journey

Now a healthy mother of two and returning to Hope4Cancer Cancun for another follow-up visit, Carly shares everything she’s learned since the start of her journey, and why she believes integrative cancer care is a must for all patients: “What I learned in those initial three weeks of treatment at Hope4Cancer… It’s become my forever lifestyle.” 

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Ruby’s Breast Cancer Patient Journey

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Ruby’s Breast Cancer Patient Journey

After discovering a lump in her breast in early 2021, Ruby’s life quickly became a whirlwind of rushed recommendations and impersonal interactions in the conventional medical world. Learn how she found peace and healing again at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.

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Kate Update Patient Journey

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Kate's Lung Cancer Patient Journey

Kate, stage 4 lung cancer survivor, came to Hope4Cancer with 6 months to live and a 2-year-old daughter to fight for at home. Kate reports the information that once rattled her with shock and fear gives her no anxiety or worries at all. “This cancer has no chance.”

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Buddy Hyatt

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Buddy's Throat Cancer Patient Journey

“I knew in my heart that chemo and radiation were not for me. Whether I had 4 days, 4 years, or 40 years, I was not going to live it laid up in a bed — sick, frail, and wishing I was dead. I wanted quality over quantity.” Buddy returns to Hope4Cancer to check on his progress and share the ups and downs of his incredible journey to healing.

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Betsy’s Renal Cell Carcinoma Patient Journey

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Betsy’s Renal Cell Carcinoma Patient Journey

From No Hope and No Options… “I was pretty much told I had no chance and almost no options; even chemotherapy and radiation wouldn’t work on my type of cancer.” …To Restored & Recovering. “I finally decided, who the heck was anyone to tell me I was going to die? I went back home and my new oncologist was in disbelief.”

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Phil's Prostate Cancer Survivor Story

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Phil’s Prostate Cancer Patient Journey

Liberated by the idea that he had options, Phil arrived in Cancun with Crystal by his side, eager to embrace treatment without fear. Remarried and with his hope restored, he now faces cancer with a whole new mindset.

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Kendra’s Breast Cancer Patient Journey

It wasn’t until some friends at church prayed for her, reminding the couple of the power of faith, that Kendra and Anthony experienced their first breakthrough. With the support of their loved ones and church back home, Kendra and Anthony arrived at Hope4Cancer Cancun; overcoming doubt, restoring faith, and ultimately, finding peace while facing cancer.

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Michael’s Testicular Cancer Patient Journey

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Michael’s Testicular Cancer Patient Journey

“After receiving the second diagnosis, it was like we’d been trying to keep our head above water, but finding [Hope4Cancer] renewed our energy. You actually look and feel good here. You look and feel healthy — you never get that in a hospital. Everywhere else was a draining experience, but now? I’m thriving.”

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Criscilla’s Colon Cancer Patient Journey

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Criscilla’s Colon Cancer Patient Journey

Wife, mom, and professional dancer and choreographer, Criscilla first received the unsettling news of a stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2018. Over a year later, despite following a traditional treatment route, the cancer had only progressed.

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Bryan Patient Journey

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Bryan’s Skin Cancer Patient Journey

As a missionary and man of faith, when Bryan received the unsettling news of a skin cancer diagnosis, he instantly knew he was being propelled on a journey to find peace, rather than succumb to fear.

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Carly's Thyroid Cancer Patient Journey

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Carly’s Thyroid Cancer Patient Journey

“I knew I needed a forever team. NOT the doctor who callously handled me; NOT the doctor who made me feel stupid and cry every time I saw him. I needed someone who respected me and approached me with love and care.”

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Patient walking with IV in Cancun center

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Grace’s Breast Cancer Patient Journey

When Grace first received the news of her breast cancer diagnosis, she recalled feeling as if she was frozen in time while the world rushed on around her. Feeling rejected by the professionals who were supposed to help her, Grace turned to her faith for guidance regarding her next steps. Learn how she transformed her feelings of hopelessness into healing.

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Janine Patient Journey

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Janine's Breast Cancer Patient Journey

One year after traveling to Cancun for treatment and filming of the world’s first cancer reality TV show, Eight Days, Janine attends her second Hope4Cancer follow-up visit and recalls the incredible details of her journey to healing from breast cancer.

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Nicole Randall Ovarian Cancer Patient

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Nicole's Ovarian Cancer Patient Journey

After two diagnoses with ovarian cancer and never having heard of holistic treatment before, Nicole found herself among the cast of Eight Days as a first-time Hope4Cancer patient over a year ago. But you may still be wondering… how is Nicole doing now? Was she able to make a full recovery?

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Rivi's Pancreatic Cancer Patient Journey

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Rivi's Pancreatic Cancer Patient Journey

Seven years after her diagnosis and treatment, former Hope4Cancer patient Rivi catches up with James Templeton of the Templeton Wellness Foundation to share her incredible healing journey.

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Trina’s Ovarian Cancer Patient Journey

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Trina’s Ovarian Cancer Patient Journey

12 years after her diagnosis and treatment, former Hope4Cancer patient Trina catches up with our friend, James Templeton of the Templeton Wellness Foundation, to recap her healing experience and the profound effect it continues to have on her today. Read on and watch the full interview below to learn more about Trina’s inspiring ovarian cancer survivor story and the exact treatments that restored her health.

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Bob’s Colorectal Cancer Patient Journey

Hope4Cancer patient Bob shares how he discovered alternative colorectal cancer treatment options and the difference it’s made in his physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Cory and Kate

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Cory and Kate's Testicular Cancer Patient Journey

When Cory was diagnosed with testicular cancer in March 2016, he and his wife, Kate, believed treatment would be simple enough. Confident in their team of oncologists, Cory underwent surgery to remove the tumor and the couple was reassured that the procedure was a success. Unfortunately, two years later, a routine scan would reveal otherwise…

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Hope4Cancer patient Carrie shares her story and what were her breast cancer treatment options

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Carrie’s Breast Cancer Patient Journey

A Registered Nurse, Carrie had always been health-conscious. In fact, she was so sure of her health, when she returned for a routine checkup five years later she had no concerns whatsoever. The news that the cancer had metastasized throughout her lung left her completely shocked, facing the possibility of her death.

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Christine’s Multiple Myeloma Patient Journey

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Christine’s Multiple Myeloma Patient Journey

After receiving the news of a cancer diagnosis and being given only seven months to live, Christine immediately felt pressure from well-intentioned family and friends, urging her to pursue conventional treatment. “The fear for me was so great… I didn’t want to do it but I was afraid not to,” Christine recalls.

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Hope4Cancer Patient David reflects on his "I Am Hope" story.

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David's Multiple Myeloma Patient Journey

I was incredibly scared. I never thought the tumor above my femur could be anything more, but the MRI showed otherwise. “Suspected multiple myeloma.” In my research I found Hope4Cancer, and they resonated with me. After fighting this for over four years I was shocked at the response the cancer had to the treatment and I’m still in disbelief.

Read David's Story

Cancer Patient Craig and Wife smiling at each other

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Craig's Hodgkin's Lymphoma Patient Journey

After feeling a literal lump in his throat, Craig had a strong gut feeling regarding the news he was about to face. A close family history with Hodgkins Lymphoma gave him and his wife, Jen, a chance to process hard feelings and conduct their own research during a three-week diagnosis period.

Read Craig and Jen's Story

Roberto Testimonial

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Roberto's Renal Cell Carcinoma Patient Journey

Before Roberto and his wife, Kim, returned to Hope4Cancer for a follow-up, they paid a visit to their traditional oncologist at home. Roberto, diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma in December 2017, was due for a scan. “We didn’t really care about what the results would say. We knew I was feeling great, and I was feeling strong, and what could be better?”

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Aaron Robinson

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Aaron's Stage IV Glioblastoma Patient Journey

“Your husband is having a seizure!” It was Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme. A very malignant brain cancer. They told me there isn’t a cure. Aaron is 40, the love of my life, the father of my children. We wanted to extend his life a few decades, not just a couple years. It was a large faith step for us to commit to healing non-conventionally. Was this the miracle we looked for?

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Lisa's Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Patient Journey

I was living a nightmare that didn’t fit with my life. I was shocked and afraid and I just looked at my kids wondering if I would be able to raise them. The doctors told me I had an incurable form of cancer. My husband and I spent so much time researching online. We found a treatment center and knew it was where I needed to be, but not everything was going to be easy.

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Julie's Breast Cancer Survivor Story

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Julie's Breast Cancer Patient Journey

I was rushed into trying to make decisions after my diagnosis. I felt like I was letting my body down. I was overwhelmed. I started researching on how I could heal myself. I said no thank you to conventional treatments. The mind-spirit work I did was almost more important than the body work I did to heal. Cancer doesn’t scare me like it used to.

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Dr Antonio Jimenez with Charles Daniels

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Charles' Bladder Cancer Patient Journey

After undergoing surgery to reconstruct my bladder and remove the surrounding lymph nodes, the post surgical report showed the cancer had spread to my other lymph nodes. I was given 4 months to a year. I have a daughter, and wife. I needed to be around. I was given a referral and I knew it was my chance to start on my healing journey.

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