Kendra’s Cancer Patient Journey

Follow Kendra and Anthony's breast cancer journey below.

Cancer has a way of taking an emotional toll not just on patients, but loved ones, too. In our latest Patient Journey, Hope4Cancer patient, Kendra, and her devoted husband, Anthony, share how Kendra’s breast cancer diagnosis shook each of them as individuals — and how they both were able to experience profound healing through their journey to Hope4Cancer Cancun.

From Doubting in the Dark…

In August of 2020, when a routine physical exam revealed something unusual in Kendra’s breast, she and her husband, Anthony, immediately began looking for answers. Several months, mammograms, a biopsy, MRI, and surgery later, they finally received a diagnosis — stage 1 invasive ductile carcinoma — but were only left with more questions.

In what Kendra describes as a “dark month”, she threw herself into many sleepless nights spent looking at statistics and struggling with doubts. Meanwhile, Anthony, who lost his mother to cancer and watched both his father and sister battle their own diagnoses, found himself feeling helpless in the face of cancer yet again.

…To Living in the Light

Knowing she wanted to pursue holistic healing, Kendra remembered being impressed by the Hope for Cancer book amidst her research, but still felt paralyzed in the decision-making process. It wasn’t until some friends at church began praying for her, reminding the couple of the power of faith, that Kendra and Anthony experienced their first breakthrough.

“There was a release in me, and something changed. Instead of researching what the doctors would say, I started to study my faith and throw on my worship all day. My mindset went from ‘I’m going to die’ and thinking of death all the time to ‘I’m not dying, I’m going to LIVE’ — and that’s the moment I knew I had to come to Hope4Cancer.”

— Kendra

With the support of their loved ones and church back home, Kendra and Anthony arrived at Hope4Cancer Cancun with a renewed sense of confidence and trust. Watch the couple’s inspiring testimony in the video below to hear their full story of overcoming doubt, restoring faith, and ultimately, finding peace while facing cancer.

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