Tyler’s Colon Cancer Patient Journey

Follow Tyler's colon cancer journey below.

Two and a half months after his original diagnosis and just one week into his integrative cancer treatment experience, Hope4Cancer patient Tyler shares the details of his colon cancer patient journey.

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From Shock and Pain…

At the end of 2022, when Tyler first noticed some painful and frequent urination, he knew something was wrong but never would have guessed he was about to receive the shocking news of a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis. One quick-decision surgery and colostomy bag implementation later, Tyler was still dealing with immense pain but knew chemotherapy wasn’t for him. With the help of his daughter, Tyler began researching alternatives and within a week was on his way to Hope4Cancer Playas de Tijuana to receive a comprehensive cancer treatment approach.

“I knew right away that I didn’t want to do chemotherapy. I was looking for something that prioritized nutrition and the spiritual and psychological side of disease. We knew Hope4Cancer was the best option because they really had it all.”


…To Excited and Energized

Now one week into his healing journey at Hope4Cancer Playas de Tijuana and already feeling his energy levels improve, Tyler sits down with our team to share all the details of his experience. From his daily treatment schedule to the differences he’s noticed between a conventional and integrative approach, watch our latest Patient Journey video below to hear Tyler’s full story firsthand.

“The conventional medicine route just goes after the disease. This route works on building the body and immune system back up, so your body can deal with disease. I’m excited to be here… I already feel my energy coming back.”

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