Bryan’s Skin Cancer Patient Journey

Follow Bryan’s skin cancer journey below.

As a missionary and man of faith, when Bryan received the unsettling news of a skin cancer diagnosis, he instantly knew he was being propelled on a journey to find peace, rather than succumb to fear. With the help of his loving wife, Amarilis, and his relationship with God for guidance, Bryan quickly made his way to Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers in Cancun, Mexico. Learn how he surrendered his doubts and found the transformational peace he deserved in the video below.

A Flash of Light Amidst a Dark Diagnosis

The morning after an oncologist informed Bryan that his melanoma could potentially be fatal, Bryan admitted feeling a little uneasy. Immediately turning to his spirituality and faith in God to point the way, he recalls Hope4Cancer “like a flash” popping into his mind. After visiting the website to learn more, he signed up for a free consultation and found himself speaking to a professional within minutes.

“I told the doctor I was considering having the melanoma cut off, and wondering if I could come down after to help my immune system recover from surgery. Thankfully, he suggested coming down first to boost my immune system up before the surgery so recovery wouldn’t be as challenging, and a few days later, I was on my way!”

Finding Peace & Following Up

After arriving in Mexico, Bryan had the opportunity to meet with Hope4Cancer Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tony Jimenez, where he was advised not to remove the melanoma after all.

“[Dr. Tony] took one look at it and said, ‘Let’s see if we can heal this with other treatments first, because if you cut that off, you’re just going to be chasing melanoma around the rest of your body.’ We’re just so grateful for all of his invaluable advice. He’s been right every step of the way.”

Now back for his third follow-up visit, Bryan shares with our team the remarkable story of how Dr. Tony’s advice led to a completely natural melanoma removal — no surgery necessary! — along with the finer details of his journey to peace and healing.

Watch the full testimony now to hear the whole story!

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