Buddy Hyatt’s Throat Cancer Survivor Story

Follow Buddy Hyatt's throat cancer journey below.

In December 2020, a sudden stabbing pain in musician and singer-songwriter, Buddy Hyatt’s throat, alerted him to something that was clearly wrong. Yet despite Buddy’s insistence, he was dismissed by his general practitioner who could find nothing amiss. Finally, Buddy was able to guide an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist to the affected area by forcing a finger down his throat, leading to a shell-shocking throat cancer diagnosis…

Career-Ending Chemo

Once a biopsy confirmed squamous cell carcinoma, Buddy recalls his doctor’s demeanor taking an alarming turn. He was immediately sent to an oncologist, who recommended a routine of chemotherapy, radiation, and the removal of Buddy’s voice box “just in case” — all before even performing an examination. A career musician and former member of American rock band, TOTO, Buddy knew these recommendations would leave him with no voice, numb fingertips (a side effect of chemotherapy), and a nearly non-existent career. Choosing quality of life over quantity, he refused the doctor and left with no idea where to turn next.

“I knew in my heart that chemo and radiation were not for me. Whether I had 4 days, 4 years, or 40 years, I was not going to live it laid up in a bed — sick, frail, and wishing I was dead. I wanted quality over quantity.”

Operating on Faith

Soon after leaving his oncologist’s office, Buddy received a phone call from a fellow singer-songwriter Olivia Newton-John. After learning of her success at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, Buddy began his own research and ultimately found the testimonies and methodology of our signature healing program resonated much more with his desires for treatment than traditional medicine had offered. Arriving in April 2021, he began his journey to healing in what he recalls as a wonderful blessing:

I firmly believe that God himself brought me here… I didn’t know what I was going to do when I walked out of that doctor’s office, but I just went on faith. And it’s been a wonderful journey. There’s no stress, no pain; I feel good, I have energy and motivation, and I’m interested in life again.”

Six months after his initial treatment, Buddy returns to Hope4Cancer to check on his progress and share the ups and downs of his incredible journey to healing. Watch his full testimony in the video below to hear his story and learn how Buddy is doing now.


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