Home Program Support

Healing is a Lifelong Process

Healing cancer is best embraced as a lifelong process. We know that your healing journey is not confined within the walls of our clinics, and we want to empower you to continue on your path once you return home. To help you along the way, we will make ourselves available to you in several ways, outlined below.

Discharge Interview

Prior to leaving our clinic, a discharge interview with you to review the details of your home program document. This includes but is not limited to discussion of medications, supplements, nutrition, exercise, and other components of your long-term treatment plan.
Included Supplies
Depending on your personalized treatment plan, your home program may include a variety of treatments, supplements, and other supplies provided at no additional cost. Details will be discussed during your discharge interview and listed in your home program document.


We continue with support while you’re at home and are here to answer your questions and monitor your care. You’ll receive a phone call in the first week after your stay with us and then, every 3 weeks for a year. Your home program support team is also available via e-mail at any time.


Please note that our home program is not designed to address emergencies. If you are experiencing a critical health situation, contact your local provider or hospital immediately, and keep us informed as soon as possible.

Complimentary Follow-Up Visits

Included in every treatment plan is at least one 4-day/3-night follow-up visit, timed approximately three months from your date of discharge. Please visit the “Returning Patients” section for more information on complimentary follow-up visits.


Regardless of your situation, we believe there is HOPE!

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