I Am Hope - Film & Stories

A Journey From Fear To Hope

We are truly amazed by the wonderful patients that have become a part of our Hope4Cancer family. Every day we see their bravery, their desire for life, and the willingness to learn, apply, and heal. We are so blessed and honored to be part of their cancer healing journey.
Last summer, we sat down with a group of our former patients to truly understand their experience. These inspiring individuals share their journeys on film in the I Am Hope documentary. Although each story is unique, they all share a common transition from fear and pressure to hope, education, and healing. We hope this film will relate to you, give you peace in the storm and let you know that you are not your diagnosis. You are hope and there is hope for cancer.

Watch the "I Am Hope" Film Below

I Am Hope - Film & Stories

Stories of Hope

Through tears, Hope4Cancer Patient Lisa tells her "I Am Hope" story.

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“This isn’t right for me”…a really tough thing to say when you have 4 young kids at home and chemo is the only answer your doctors are giving you. Lisa’s story will give you hope when the odds seem against you.

Read Lisa's Story Here

Hope4Cancer Patient David reflects on his "I Am Hope" story.

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With a young family, career and cancer levels that were rising. David struggled against the aggressive approach that was being prescribed and found a different path of healing his multiple myeloma diagnosis.

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Hope4Cancer Patient Lanie speaks about her "I Am Hope" story.

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Before ever having been diagnosed with cancer, Lanie knew an alternative approach to treatment is what she would want. Her story emphasizes the importance of knowing all the options even beyond chemo and radiation.

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Hope4Cancer Patient Christine, deep in thought, shares her story.

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Learning she had cancer just 6 months into her marriage is as tough as it gets, but with doctors telling her how long they excepted her to live, Christine began questioning the conventional route and started looking for better options.

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Hope4Cancer Patient Tim shares his "I Am Hope" story.

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As Tim faced his diagnosis, and re-diagnosis, his faith in God is where his healing and hope come from. For Tim, the spiritual and the physical go hand in hand.

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