Criscilla’s Colon Cancer Patient Journey

Follow Criscilla’s colon cancer journey below.

Wife, mom, and professional dancer and choreographer, Criscilla first received the unsettling news of a stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2018. Over a year later, despite following a traditional treatment route, the cancer had only progressed. Learn how Criscilla used the best of both worlds — conventional and integrative  — to jumpstart her healing journey at Hope4Cancer.

Wiped Out on Western Medicine

After six months of intense chemotherapy and having part of her colon removed, Criscilla was dismayed to learn as part of a routine checkup that the cancer had only gotten worse. Now facing a stage 4 diagnosis, Criscilla knew that traditional treatment alone simply wouldn’t cut it. Listening to her body, Criscilla quickly began to incorporate alternative treatments into her healing plan. But trying to juggle her own treatment regimen on top of motherhood and a career proved to be a challenge, and Criscilla soon realized she would need a more immersive environment in order to heal…

Renewed and Rejuvenated

After hearing about Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers through a friend, Criscilla set her sights on Mexico and arrived in Cancun, fully committed to healing. With the guidance and support of her new medical team, she began to not only feel immediate physical improvements, but also mental transformations that would continue her healing journey for the years to come.

“This is how I should be feeling. Within one week, my pain was gone… and it’s not just that. I know how to take it home now, too. I’m looking forward to a healthy summer with my family, NOT tired, NOT constantly in pain. That’s what cancer care should be like everywhere.”

Watch Criscilla’s full testimony now to learn why she considers Hope4Cancer a must for all cancer patients, and how alternative cancer treatments helped her get back the strength she lost in chemotherapy.

If you or someone you love has been struggling with a cancer diagnosis, we want you to know there are other options. Whether you wish to pursue non-toxic treatment alone or as a means to support traditional healing methods, reach out to our admissions department and schedule a free consultation today to learn how integrative healing can help.

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