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At the very heart of Hope4Cancer lies a diverse team of individuals who have dedicated their lives to pursuing knowledge, perfecting skills, and helping patients everywhere overcome the odds of a cancer diagnosis: our medical staff and personnel. As a Hope4Cancer patient, you’ll come to know these individuals as more than a team of exceptional specialists and medical care providers. By the time you return home, they’ll feel more like family.

Throughout your journey to healing, these (and many more!) are the friendly faces who will walk alongside you, offering as much TLC as they do expertise. Their range of specialties and abilities allows us to provide patients with the most comprehensive care possible and continuously keeps Hope4Cancer on the cutting edge of research and innovation. Coming from a variety of medical backgrounds and many different walks of life, all of their individual paths led here, to Hope4Cancer, and to you.

Our Team of Doctors are Board Certified Licensed Physicians of Mexico.

Dr Tony High Fives A Patient

More Tools For Your Cancer Healing

At Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, we offer more treatment options under one roof than any other center in the world. Giving you more tools to thrive and heal!

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Our Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Antonio Jimenez, or as patients affectionately call him, Dr. Tony, founded Hope4Cancer in 2000 and has dedicated his life to researching alternative strategies to treat cancer, chronic infections, and immune disorders, after he saw firsthand the negative side effects that accompanied the conventional treatments his father underwent being diagnosed with prostate cancer. After completing his traditional undergraduate education in the United States, Dr. Jimenez received his M.D. degree from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara Faculty of Medicine in Mexico, and went on to pursue his N.D. degree at the Trinity School of Natural Health.

Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D., N.D.

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Research and Development

Extended Team of Specialists

In addition to our Hope4Cancer staff, we also work closely with several local specialists who are available to our patients as professional consultants if the need arises:

Dr. Eduardo Vázquez, M.D., Internal Medicine
Dr. Jose Jimenez, Intensive Care Therapist
Dr. Jose Manuel Segovia y Galindo, M.D., Neurosurgeon
Dr. Juan Antonio Ramirez Ortega, M.D., Urologist
Dr. Manuel Juncua, Gastroenterologist
Dr. Rafael Cedeño, M.D., Oncologist Surgeon
Dr. Sergio Mascareno, M.D., Trauma Surgeon
Dr. Ulises Nieves, M.D., Pain Management/Anesthesiologist

Regardless of your situation, we believe there is HOPE!

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