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Understanding Healing & Hope

Our Hope4Cancer centers are designed to be a home away from home on your treatment journey. Although we can’t truly describe the powerful connections you’ll make or the miraculous feelings you’ll experience within our walls, we can answer the many questions you may have in anticipation of daily life in our clinics.

Lodging Options

Our facility in Baja California is a 24/7, full-service clinic that caters to both in-patients and out-patients. All patients go through full-day treatments for the duration of their stay, 7 days a week. As an in-patient, you and your companion will share a private room with an attached bathroom on location. Out-patients are accommodated at comfortable, nearby hotels and transported to and from the clinic by a Hope4Cancer shuttle.

As an out-patient only facility, our Cancun clinic is designed to maximize your treatments while allowing you to experience Mexico’s world-renowned resort destination. Patients and companions are accommodated in nearby hotels and transported to and from the clinic by a Hope4Cancer shuttle. Treatment sessions are conducted six days a week, Monday through Saturday, leaving Sunday open for desired excursions or activities.

Services and Amenities

(Baja in-patients only, as hotel accommodations may vary)

Internet: Free wi-fi is available throughout the clinic for you to use with your personal electronics throughout your stay.

TV and DVD players: Each patient room is equipped with a TV and a DVD player for your entertainment.

Phone services: Our clinic has a local U.S. number available for you to receive and make calls on a limited basis. Please check with your cellular provider if you would like to add international service to your personal phone line prior to arrival. You can also use third party call and messaging apps on your phone over wi-fi.

Laundry: Laundry service is provided at our Baja clinic for you and your companion at no additional cost, and available at our Cancun clinic for a minor fee.


Our Baja clinic has been recently renovated to include a full-service kitchen and juice bar. Patients and companions enjoy snacks, fresh juices, and three delicious vegetarian meals per day.

Snacks and juices are available at our Cancun clinic during treatment sessions.


Even after the symptoms are gone, treating cancer is best viewed as a lifelong process. To empower you along this journey, we provide access to a variety of educational videos teaching practical ways to apply Dr. Jimenez’s Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy in your everyday life. Once you internalize these concepts, you will be well on your way to changing your life forever!


We know that undergoing any kind of cancer treatment is a crucial time in which you’ll want to be surrounded by loved ones. By nature, a long-distance treatment option may feel alienating, so we encourage you to bring a companion with you on your Hope4Cancer journey to become your partner in healing. We’ve found that the company of a loved one not only provides our patients with much needed physical, emotional, and spiritual support, but also creates a bond that will help you continue your voyage together once you return home. Companions can be spouses, children, parents, other close family members, or friends. When choosing your Hope4Cancer companion, make sure you select someone who is willing to learn, participate, and become empowered alongside you.

Family Visits

In addition to your chosen partner in healing, we also welcome family members and friends who wish to visit you on your Hope4Cancer journey. While our Baja clinic happily accommodates visitors during daytime hours, only your designated travel companion may stay overnight. Given the nature of the out-patient only layout at our Cancun facility, we unfortunately cannot permit any visitors inside the clinic during treatment sessions. However, your travel companion may accompany you during consultations.

Since we are a treatment center, we request that all visitors are respectful of our patients and help maintain our quiet, peaceful environment. Please note that meals and other services are provided only for you and your travel companion.


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