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How Our Treatment Centers Empower Your Healing Journey

At Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, we understand that your healing journey is an all-encompassing experience — not limited to the time you spend receiving therapies.

We pride ourselves on putting thought, love, and care behind every detail of your cancer healing journey, even after you leave our treatment center. From your accommodations and meals in Mexico to your transition back home, learn what to expect when you pursue treatment at one of our Integrative cancer treatment centers.


Treatment in Our Centers

At both of our world-renowned cancer treatment centers, you’ll experience the highest standard of cancer care, an empowering relationship with your medical team, and the chance to form powerful lifelong bonds with fellow patients, loved ones, and staff.

Your daily life and routine may vary based on your personalized treatment program details and the Hope4Cancer location best suited to your needs. However, you can always expect a thoughtfully designed and strategically packed schedule to give you the most opportunity for healing.

Playas de Tijuana patients experience an immersive healing environment and accessible 24/7 care for the duration of treatment. In this home away from home, you will receive a regimen of daily treatments and assessments just steps away from your bedroom!

Cancun patients experience a hybrid treatment option, which includes an outpatient regimen of non-toxic therapies while overlooking stunning lagoon views for an average of 7 hours per day, Monday through Saturday, and leaving time on Sunday for recreation or rest.



Each of our locations offer a unique lodging experience to accommodate various patient needs and circumstances.

Playas de Tijuana patients receive around-the-clock care while residing at our treatment center, where all your needs are taken care of under one roof. Here, you’ll have 24/7 access to peaceful community living areas like our atrium waterfall, plus your private bath and bedroom, outfitted with two comfortable beds.

Meanwhile, Cancun patients retreat to one of our partner 4- and 5-star beachfront resorts after daily treatments at our state-of-the-art facility. Though exact accommodations may vary based on your preference for an all-inclusive or non-inclusive stay, all options come with double occupancy rooms and free private transportation to and from our center.

Throughout both of our locations, you’ll be able to enjoy all the modern amenities and creature comforts you’re familiar with at home, including high-speed WiFi, American voltage outlets, comfortable chairs to receive your IVs, and filtered drinking water.



One of the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy™, Full Spectrum Nutrition plays an important role in your healing process. Our treatment centers both follow the Hope4Cancer Garden Food Plan® to support your personalized nutrition program.

As a Playas de Tijuana patient, you and your companion will receive three fresh, nutritious meals per day, plus snacks and fresh juices in between meal times.

As a Cancun patient, you’ll enjoy light meals, snacks, and juices while receiving treatment at our center, Monday through Saturday. Should you opt for all-inclusive accommodations, daily meals will be available for you and your companion at your Cancun hotel. All of our partner resorts with all-inclusive packages are ready and willing to work with you to ensure meals follow the Hope4Cancer nutritional guidelines outlined in your personalized treatment program, so you can continue to feel confident in your dietary choices outside of our treatment center. Patients and companions on a non-inclusive package are responsible for arranging their own meals outside the treatment center.



The company of a loved one during cancer treatment can provide much-needed physical, emotional, and spiritual support, and creates a bond that will help you continue healing together once you return home. That’s why we encourage all patients to bring a designated travel companion along for their healing journey! Companions can be spouses, adult children, parents, other close family members, or friends. We encourage you to select a partner who is willing to learn, participate, and become empowered alongside you.

Whether you’re receiving treatment as an inpatient or outpatient, all of our accommodations are reserved with double occupancy in mind. Travel companions in our Playas de Tijuana treatment center have the special opportunity to truly be with you every step of the way, witnessing and experiencing our immersive environment right alongside you or retreating to their room when desiring personal time.

Given the nature of our outpatient Cancun facility, we can only accommodate patients inside the center during treatment sessions. However, your travel companion may accompany you during consultations, and of course, is a wonderful support to have after your treatment sessions, when you can enjoy Cancun’s luxurious beaches together.



More than any therapy or treatment, knowledge is the most powerful tool you can possess on the journey to healing. As such, education is a prominent part of your Hope4Cancer healing experience. From the moment you arrive, our mission is to empower you with the knowledge of how cancer develops, why and how each therapy you receive works, and how to continue healing beyond your three-week visit.

Your arrival welcome package includes a free copy of the Hope for Cancer book, so you can start learning right away. Throughout your visit, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend special topic presentations from our doctors in the center and receive access to our educational video portal, where you can learn how to apply the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy™ in everyday life and maintain health long-term.

After your return home, we invite you to continue your cancer healing education through our biweekly webinar series and live Q&A sessions, where you can ask and receive answers from Dr. Tony in real time. Patients who desire a little extra insight and education may also consider scheduling their treatment to overlap with one of our Dr. Tony Weeks, during which you’ll have the chance to learn directly from our Founder and Chief Medical Officer in person.


Home Program Support

Cancer is best approached as a lifelong journey, and continuing your positive healing trajectory at home is just as important as the work you’ll do inside our treatment centers. As you prepare to return home, the Hope4Cancer Home Program will equip you with the resources and tools to continue healing.

You’ll leave our treatment center with a 3-month supply of your Core Therapies and immune-boosting, cancer-fighting nutraceuticals in hand — plus the education and confidence to maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come. As an included part of your home program, you’ll also receive 12 months of telephone support from our dedicated Home Program Support team, giving you access to our experienced doctors whenever questions arise and allowing us to continue monitoring your long-term progress.


At Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, we aim to equip you with hope and the necessary support for healing. When you become our patient, your time in our centers involves much more than an array of alternative cancer treatments. You can also expect:

  • An attentive and empowering relationship with a team of medical experts
  • A comfortable and peaceful environment to heal in
  • A lifelong education to empower your health decisions
  • A loving community with continued support after your return home
  • and SO much more…

Reach out to our team to take the next step and become our patient today.

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