Preparing For Treatment

What You Need To Know Next

Congratulations on deciding to embark on the Hope4Cancer treatment journey! Like most journeys, ours too, starts with a guide. Once you’ve chosen to pursue treatment with us, a Patient Counselor will reach out to help you navigate through the first few steps. For now, your counselor will be your primary resource at Hope4Cancer, available to answer any questions regarding treatment and facilities, introduce you to our programs and protocols, assist with paperwork, and finalize arrangements as you continue preparing for treatment.

In addition to providing a Patient Counselor, we’ve also compiled the following checklist for you in hopes of removing some of the stress accompanied with travel, and to help ensure a smooth transition.

Send Medical Records

Prepare and send detailed medical records to your Patient Counselor as soon as possible for our medical team to review and design your treatment plan proposal. (If you have any imaging DVDs, you can bring them with you to the clinic.)

Review Treatment Plan Proposal

The first document you will receive is your Treatment Plan Proposal, outlining the personalized program designed specifically for you by our expert medical team. Your Patient Counselor will review this document with you to discuss protocols and costs of treatment; we encourage you to previously review the treatment plan proposal on your own to prepare any questions you may have for your counselor.

Book Travel and Finalize Treatment Contract

In order to reserve your spot at the clinic, please book necessary travel and forward itinerary to your Patient Counselor as confirmation. (If you are planning to arrive by car and do not have confirmed flight itinerary, a small deposit will be required up-front and applied to your overall treatment cost.) Upon confirmation, you will receive a contract and admissions documents, which must be completed and signed before your arrival. You will also receive a Pre-Arrival Guide with useful details regarding your travel and clinic stay, as well as important contact information.

Update Travel Documents

Before you travel, make sure that all necessary travel documents (passports, permits, etc.) are properly updated and accessible. Keep a photocopy or photograph of important documents with a reliable family member or friend who you can easily contact in the unlikely event of an emergency. For more information, please review the Travel section.

Stock Medication and Supplements

While preparing for treatment, create a list of your existing medical prescriptions and supplements and ensure you have enough in stock to last you for the duration of your stay at Hope4Cancer.

Deliver Payment

Payment should be made via wire transfer prior to your arrival at Hope4Cancer. Your Patient Counselor will discuss the cost of treatment of your proposed treatment plan with you and provide you with instructions for delivering payment.


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