Trina's Ovarian Cancer Patient Journey

Follow as Trina shares her 12 year ovarian cancer journey.

12 years after her diagnosis and treatment, former Hope4Cancer patient Trina catches up with our friend, James Templeton of the Templeton Wellness Foundation, to recap her healing experience and the profound effect it continues to have on her today. Read on and watch the full interview below to learn more about Trina’s inspiring ovarian cancer survivor story and the exact treatments that restored her health.

Back to the Beginning: A Puzzling Question

As a holistic practitioner for over 26 years, Trina felt shocked and confused when, during a routine checkup in 2008, her doctors discovered a tumor roughly the size of a melon. While the revelation of her aggressive stage 3 ovarian cancer diagnosis prompted doctors to recommend immediate chemotherapy, the perplexing situation gave Trina other ideas:

“Chemo wasn’t my idea of therapy, but I also needed to figure out how somebody in this business could end up with such a diagnosis… it didn’t make sense. I lived this pristine life and then get this diagnosis? There had to be more to it.”

Confident that her physical world wasn’t the source of her cancer, Trina began diligently researching the emotional triggers of disease, and turned to her colleague, Dr. Tony Jimenez, for some guidance.

An Epiphanic Conclusion: The Missing Piece

After speaking with Dr. Tony, Trina felt reassured and reinforced in her path forward without chemotherapy. Using the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy in a custom home program, Trina recalls many of the treatments that helped restore her health, including Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT), bio-immunotherapy, detoxification, and nutritional supplements. But more than just treating the physical manifestation of disease, Trina’s Hope4Cancer healing program also helped illuminate what Trina describes as the treatment piece that most patients miss — emotional and spiritual healing.

By helping her identify and release patterns of emotional trauma in the brain while simultaneously supporting the body, emotional and spiritual healing allowed Trina to achieve ultimate, long-lasting results. “I felt so good on my treatment plan that I actually extended it for another three months… it even helped me get to some of the deeper layers of the Lyme Disease that I suffered with.”

Today, Trina continues to integrate this deep healing knowledge into her own and her patients’ lives, helping us share the foundational tools of comprehensive health with more people than ever before. To learn more about Trina’s incredible ovarian cancer survivor story, be sure to watch the full interview in the video below.

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