Bob's Journey to Healing

Follow Bob's colorectal cancer journey below.

At 11:30 pm on July 23, 2018, Bob sat in an emergency room, anxiously waiting to receive what he now calls “a whirlwind diagnosis” for colorectal cancer. Before 12 hours had passed, he was already meeting with an oncologist who would give him a bleak, 2-year life sentence — and less than a day later, Bob was being rushed into surgery for a procedure that nobody even bothered to explain to him. A loving husband and father from Glendale, Arizona, Bob knew something didn’t feel right about his treatment, and knowing his life depended on it, decided to take matters into his own hands…

Discouraged and Confused: A Whirlwind Diagnosis

Within three days of Bob’s hasty diagnosis, he began his first round of chemotherapy. In just ten and a half months, Bob completed nine rounds of chemotherapy and suffered countless debilitating side effects to no avail — the cancer had metastasized to both his liver and lungs. At this point, his doctors pulled him from the chemotherapy program, stating any more of the treatment would destroy him. Instead, they recommended a maintenance program.

“When we asked him what a maintenance program meant, he said: ‘We want to maintain where you are until something goes wrong and then we’ll treat you with some other form of medication.’ Hearing this explanation, something didn’t sit right with us. I don’t want to be on a maintenance program, I want to be on a healing program. I’m here to be cured or in remission at least.”

Reclaiming the Power: “This is Where I Need to Be”

Refusing to settle for a maintenance program, Bob and his wife, Lisa, began researching alternative colorectal cancer treatment options. After finding The Truth About Cancer series, seeing former Hope4Cancer patient testimonies, and reading about Dr. Tony Jimenez, the couple decided it was time to pave a new path. With his family, friends, and church rallied behind him, Bob traveled to Hope4Cancer Cancun to pursue the treatment that resonated with him.

“[In Arizona], my choices were already outlined for me by my clinic and Western medicine… when we made the decision to come here, I knew it was my choice and I had a say in what I’d be doing.”

Just eight days into his treatment program, Bob shares with us the incredible transformation he’s already experienced, both physically and emotionally.

To hear the rest of Bob’s survivor story, be sure to watch his full patient testimony in the video below.

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