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At Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, we realize that not everyone has the financial means readily available for a long-term treatment plan. We also understand that most traditional insurance companies don’t cover healthcare costs outside their country of origin. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice or the option to choose the treatment that resonates with you. Below are some financial resources that may be beneficial in funding your healing journey. If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage or financial assistance, please do not hesitate to call us. We are here to help.




Health-Share programs, i.e. Samaritans Ministries: Since the Affordable Care Act, there have been a lot of changes in the healthcare industry. As a result, many Christian organizations have looked for better ways to allow people to be in control of their healthcare choice, rather than the government. Many non-insurance health-share companies have developed to provide members with the ability to seek the care of their choosing. More and more, we are seeing patients come to our clinic without cost, covered by organizations like Samaritan Ministries. If you are already a member of a non-insurance health care sharing plan, please reach out to them to look into your options for coverage.

Abacus Life Settlements: If your desire is to heal utilizing non-toxic treatment, Abacus Life Settlements may be able to help. While we all want to provide for our family in the event of an untimely loss, there are plenty of reasons why utilizing your life insurance now can be a better option for you and your loved ones. Abacus is one of the industry’s leading life settlement buyers. Since 2004, they have helped thousands of individuals and families make their life insurance a benefit that can be used today. With a perfect BBB rating, they are often able to pay out between 50% and 80% of your policy’s face amount. In fact, many of their clients are able to receive their proceeds in less than 30 days. Once you receive a settlement, it is yours to use however you want, whether that means covering your treatment, investing in the future, or giving to your children and making your life insurance a true living benefit.

To learn more how Abacus can help fund your cancer care, visit Abacus Life Settlements here.

If you would prefer to speak directly to one of their knowledgeable representatives, please call Shawn Petrunak at 407-988-1007.

Medical Bill Gurus: Medical bills can pile up quickly throughout a cancer diagnosis. What if your existing policy was actually supposed to cover treatment that you were not aware of, or you didn’t realize that they would? Good news! You may still be able to get coverage. Our partners at Medical Bill Gurus are experts at navigating health insurance policies and will evaluate your policy risk-free with no upfront fees. They are a trusted and valuable partner to our patients, and have seen great success getting bills covered by our patients’ policies. To evaluate your policy or current medical bills, reach out to the Medical Bill Gurus here.




Sometimes fundraising can be a great option for those who cannot cover the cost of their treatment out of pocket. We have seen family, friends, and entire communities come together to support patients.

GoFundMe: Personal crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe can be a great tool to raise money for your healing journey. The following is quoted directly from the GoFundMe website: “GoFundMe has helped millions of patients and their families raise funds for medical expenses. Our customers have used GoFundMe to raise money for treatments ranging from Lyme disease and cancer to lung and heart transplants. If you need help funding your own treatment or the medical expenses of someone you care about, a GoFundMe fundraiser can help.” Learn more about medical fundraising here.

Fundraising events: If you or your loved ones have a great network of people in your community, holding a benefit night can lead to obtaining the financial resources needed for your treatment. We have seen many patients use this method successfully, including Lisa Engelman, who has recounted her touching personal story here.

Donations: If you know someone who has the financial resources to send you to a Hope4Cancer treatment center, but would like to do so tax deductible, our partners at the Independent Cancer Research Fund can help. The ICRF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to empower more cancer patients to take control of their own tomorrows. Their most prominent work is the Cancer Tutor website, an incredible wealth of information on leading edge non-toxic cancer treatment. Donors can donate through the ICRF and earmark their donation for treatment at Hope4Cancer. To learn more about donations through ICRF, visit Cancer Tutor here.


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