Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Patient at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers

We understand that navigating the complex journey of cancer treatment can often feel overwhelming, which is why we’ve designed this FAQ page to shed light on some of the queries you may have about Hope4Cancer’s unique approach to cancer treatment. Whether you’re in the early stages of understanding your diagnosis, considering your treatment options, or preparing for life post-treatment, we believe that knowledge is key to making the best decisions for your health and well-being.

Our comprehensive FAQs encompass a wide array of topics, ranging from our innovative treatment modalities and protocols, to what you can expect during your stay at our world-class facilities. Each of our responses reflects our commitment to patient care, transparency, and the ongoing innovation that sets Hope4Cancer apart.

However, we know that every patient’s journey is unique and there might be questions that are specific to your situation that aren’t covered here. In such cases, we warmly encourage you to connect with our dedicated admissions team. They are ready to offer a free personalized treatment plan and provide any additional information you might need. At Hope4Cancer, our focus is to ensure you feel supported and empowered at every step of your treatment journey.

Becoming A Patient

The first step in becoming our patient is to fill out this form and request a FREE personalized treatment plan. Once we’ve received your information, a member from our Admissions Team will reach out to answer any immediate questions you have and connect you with an experienced Hope4Cancer Admissions Counselor.  Your Counselor will be your direct contact through the admissions process and will get to know your situation’s unique ins and outs to help tailor your treatment plan. Meanwhile, our Admissions Doctors will also review your most recent medical records to ensure our protocol is best for your healing. Once the review is complete, your Counselor will coordinate a time for you to speak directly with an Admissions Doctor, who will review your treatment plan with you and answer any additional medical questions you may have. After you’ve had a chance to review your treatment plan and make the most informed decision for your healing, your Counselor will help you arrange the final logistics, i.e., arrival dates, travel requirements, and other information needed to confirm your treatment.

The best time to come for treatment is as soon as you feel ready.  We encourage all patients to spend time researching their options and not delay action once you’ve had the chance to make a thoughtful decision on the treatment path that resonates with you. After all, the sooner you arrive, the sooner your healing journey can begin!

Our consultations can be conducted in English or Spanish.  To receive treatment at one of our centers, you or your companion should be able to communicate fluently in either language to ensure you receive the most accurate medical information.  Patients who do not speak English or Spanish and do not have a companion that can adequately translate will require hiring a translator for our 3-week program.

We request up-to-date medical records before admission, as these allow us to establish a baseline for your current health and accurately provide a personalized treatment program. The most helpful records you can provide us are your most recent lab, biopsy, pathology, and imaging reports from the last three months.

While it is uncommon for patients to be placed on a waitlist, arrival is subject to accommodation availability for both our inpatient center in Playas de Tijuana and our outpatient treatment center in Cancun. Your patient counselor can provide possible arrival dates when you’re ready to book your treatment at Hope4Cancer.

We have designed our treatment protocols based on the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy™ to treat all cancer types.

Unlike mainstream treatments that target specific cancer cell types or seek to block certain biochemical pathways, Hope4Cancer’s methodology targets both the disease and its underlying causes. We go beyond simply treating the tumor, by normalizing the tumor microenvironment and stabilizing the body’s bioregulatory mechanisms. We also understand that ultimate healing happens at three levels—the body, the mind, and the spirit—and address all those areas as part of our treatment program.  Dr. Jimenez often says, “We do not treat the cancer in the person, but the person with cancer.”

Due to governmental regulations, we treat patients 18 years and older.

Treatment at one of our Centers

Our standard treatment programs are three weeks long, though our medical team may recommend a more extended stay for advanced cancer cases.

Our treatments are integrative and can be complementary to conventional therapies should the patient wish to pursue that option.

We currently operate in two unique locations, one on each of Mexico’s coastlines, to accommodate various patient needs and circumstances.

Our Playas de Tijuana location, only steps away from the Pacific Ocean, is an in-patient center offering easy access via land travel from the California/Mexico border.

Our outpatient center in Cancun is conveniently located in the Eastern Caribbean amidst one of the world’s top resort destinations, only steps away from the Caribbean Sea.

When determining the best-suited treatment location, current condition, stage, status, and patient preference are factors. Our Admissions Doctors will review current medical records (labs/imaging) and perform a screening interview before your arrival to confirm the treatment location.

To provide the safest and most comfortable environment for our community, our centers are only accessible to patients currently undergoing treatment and their travel companions. However, you can tour our treatment centers virtually by watching our video walk-through tours and exploring our photo galleries! Check out our Cancun and Playas de Tijuana treatment centers here.

As part of your treatment program, you’ll meet with a Hope4Cancer nutritionist to determine the best cancer-fighting diet for your medical background and goals. While at our centers, you’ll receive fresh, organic meals made from the highest quality ingredients, all in accordance with Hope4Cancer’s Garden Food Plan and your personalized treatment program. If you are an outpatient, our partner hotels are familiar with Hope4Cancer’s nutrition guidelines and can often accommodate additional dietary restrictions upon request. We’ll also equip you throughout your stay with the education you need to continue making healthy nutritional decisions outside our treatment centers.

Our treatment model is designed to ensure every patient receives personalized care and a healing program unique to their individual needs, background, medical history, and diagnosis. This requires us to be able to provide our patients access to ALL of the therapeutic options that may be beneficial to them — and unfortunately, regulatory hurdles in the US prevent integrative and alternative centers from offering many of the affordable, safe, and effective non-toxic treatments we can offer in Mexico. Our location allows us to provide our patients with the best variety of options and the best quality care.

Financial Information

Since our healing programs are personalized to your unique needs, costs can vary from individual to individual. You’ll attend one of our cancer treatment centers for a 3-week treatment program, which includes over 200 therapy sessions, lodging for you and a companion, your transportation to/from the clinic, your meals, assessments upon arrival, your immunotherapies, supportive therapies, and IV’s, 3-month home program and also three follow-up visits to come back to the treatment center for further assessments. A typical range for treatment can vary from $35,000 – 55,000 USD, depending on the specifics of your diagnosis and the recommended treatment program.

Unfortunately, as our treatment centers operate outside the United States, we are unable to process insurance claims. However, we also realize that not everyone has the financial means to cover long-term cancer care immediately available. Here are the various financial options that have helped our patients fund their treatment costs: Check out our financial resources page here.

Though we do not directly provide financial assistance, we help our patients connect with various third-party sources that can help fund their cost of treatment: Check out our financial resources page here.

Though we do not provide payment plans at this time, we help our patients connect with various third-party sources that can help fund their cost of treatment:  Check out our financial resources page here.

Travel, Lodging, and Pre-Arrival Logistics

We understand travel arrangements may seem overwhelming, but our experienced staff can assist you. Once you’ve completed the admissions process and are ready to book travel, your Admissions Counselor will provide ideal arrival and departure dates for you to consider. After you’ve booked your flight, send your itinerary confirmation to your counselor to confirm your treatment spot. If you or your travel companion do not have a passport or your passport has expired, a Hope4Cancer Admissions team member can provide documentation to assist you in the expedited passport process.

Though both of our world-renowned treatment centers are nestled in peaceful, serene areas, we understand that safety is always an inherent concern when traveling. We’re proud to assure you that neither of our locations has experienced any safety incident since opening our doors in 2000. Mexico sees more than 1 million travelers per year specifically for medical care and is, in most areas, just as safe as the United States. For more detailed information, please refer to our travel & safety page.

Arriving via land travel: If you’re arriving at our Playas de Tijuana treatment center via land, a valid passport or passport card will be needed for identification. You’ll also need to purchase a tourist permit at the border for approximately $25 USD per person – our Hope4Cancer transportation team will help you secure this as they escort you across the border. Still, you’ll want to ensure you have the appropriate amount!

Arriving via air travel: If you are traveling by air to land in Mexico, a valid passport will be needed to go through customs and enter the country.

If you are not a citizen of the USA or Canada or have any doubts about your travel requirements, please contact your local Mexican embassy or consulate to ensure the smoothest arrival to your healing home away from home!

Life at our Treatment Centers

We welcome companions as an integral part of the patient’s treatment support program and have designed our treatment plans to accommodate their meaningful presence, as outlined below.

Playas de Tijuana In-Patient Center:  As our premiere inpatient facility where all you need can be found under one roof, patient rooms are outfitted with two beds and a private bath, allowing space for the patient plus one companion. Three nourishing daily meals are provided for both patient and companion, included in the treatment cost.

Cancun Out-Patient Center: As an outpatient-only facility, all Cancun patients and companions reside in oceanfront hotels nearby our treatment center. Rooms are booked based on double occupancy at no additional cost. Patients are provided with nourishing breakfast and lunch meals on treatment days, included in the treatment cost.

Yes, but only one at a time, please. For Playas de Tijuana in-patients, only one companion can stay in the patient room 24/7. Other visitors are welcome to visit during the day.

For outpatients, we book hotel rooms assuming double occupancy. According to hotel policy, visitors must rent additional rooms or pay extra fees. Please inform your Admissions Counselor if you bring multiple family members or friends. This way, we can help you coordinate any special arrangements.

At the end of each treatment day, Cancun patients retreat to one of our partner 4- and 5-star resorts – each of which we work closely with to ensure patients experience top-quality service even beyond our doors. Patients who opt for all-inclusive accommodations may be at Live Aqua (just steps away from our treatment center!) or Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancún. For non-inclusive accommodations, InterContinental’ Presidente Resort or Canopy by Hilton Cancun La Isla provides our patients’ luxurious home away from home in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone.

* Rooms and accommodations are subject to availability.


Special accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis and require approval before your arrival for treatment. To get the most accurate answer to your request, please contact your Hope4Cancer Admissions Counselor directly.

Though we strongly encourage patients to use their treatment program as an opportunity to focus primarily on healing, we understand there are some circumstances where you or your companion may need to be in touch with work. Our treatment centers and all of our partner hotels in Cancun are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi networks, should you need to work after your treatments are complete for the day.

Returning Home

As you prepare to return home, the Hope4Cancer Home Program will equip you to continue your healing journey. You’ll leave our treatment center with a 3-month supply of your Core Therapies and a 3-month supply of immune-boosting, cancer-fighting nutraceuticals in hand, plus the education and confidence to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the years to come. Just as your healing program continues upon your return home, so does the support you receive from our medical care professionals. As an included part of your treatment program, you’ll receive 12 months of telephone support from our dedicated Home Program Support team, giving you access to our experienced doctors whenever questions or concerns arise.


No, our Cancun and Playas de Tijuana treatment centers do not require vaccination. If you have additional questions related to COVID-19, please refer to our COVID-specific FAQ: