Jose & Caroline’s Prostate Cancer Journey

From Despair to Hope

In early 2016, when Jose began grappling with some concerning bladder control symptoms, he sought the expertise of a urologist. This journey culminated in a biopsy — a moment Jose recalls with a heavy heart, not necessarily because of the diagnosis that awaited him but more so for the lack of support and empathy he received from his doctor. As his doctor confirmed Jose’s cancer diagnosis and shouted a detached cry of “BINGO!”, an already traumatic moment was amplified even more so. Alone, rattled, and overwhelmed, Jose wished for more compassionate care.

Jose and Caroline talking during patient journey interview.

From Scared & Unsupported…

Following his diagnosis, Jose turned to his loving wife of 45 years, Caroline.  Together, the duo reached out to a close friend, a nutritional coach, who introduced them to the world of holistic treatments. As a pastor who had witnessed the toll cancer took on many, including some dear to him, this newfound knowledge was a revelation. Jose was astounded to discover alternative treatment options beyond conventional methods.

Eager for a fresh perspective and more information, the couple dedicated an entire weekend to research. Their diligence led them to one unwavering decision: no matter the obstacles, they would seek treatment at Hope4Cancer. In April 2018, Jose was welcomed into Hope4Cancer’s supportive embrace in Playas de Tijuana.



…To Informed & Empowered

Caroline remembers the palpable shift in Jose’s demeanor right from his initial days at Hope4Cancer. Despite her absence during his first visit due to work commitments, a phone call from Jose was enough to reassure her. “He was a completely transformed man,” she recalls, “a man filled with hope.”

As they reflect on their journey, Jose’s advice to others navigating a cancer diagnosis is profound yet straightforward: don’t let fear dictate your choices. Equip yourself with knowledge, and surround yourself with people who empower and educate.

In our latest Patient Journey video, Jose and Caroline recount their journey, emphasizing the power of compassionate care, the importance of education, and the invaluable role of a supportive community. Dive into the heart of their transformation, witnessing the incredible shift from despair to informed hope.

If you or someone you love has been struggling with a cancer diagnosis or given little to no hope for the future, we want you to know there are other options.  Reach out to our admissions department and schedule a free consultation today to learn how we can help.


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