Susan’s Breast Cancer Patient Journey

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When our patient, Susan, noticed a strange pain in her upper breast last May, she had no idea it was the unexpected start of a journey with cancer. Yet just a few days later, that pain led her to discover a lump in her breast. Unfortunately, a trip to her radiologist not only confirmed the disconcerting news but also illuminated the situation was worse than Susan had feared…
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Initial Shock and a Search for Alternatives

After a biopsy confirmed that Susan had one tumor in her left breast, three in her right, and one in her lymph nodes, Susan was shocked. Luckily, however, she did have clarity in one aspect — she knew she did not want to go down the conventional route of chemotherapy, radiation, or a mastectomy. Already familiar with holistic medicine, Susan began her search for an alternative cancer treatment program that would align with her beliefs and preferences. Within days, she discovered Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers and was on the phone with a Patient Counselor.

“I spoke to Jennifer, who was so nice and explained everything. I wanted to take care of it right away, and she said there was actually an immediate opening available,” Susan recalls. “So, I started to make arrangements – and that whole week, it really felt like everything fell into place so I could arrive.”


From Uncertainty to Alignment

Despite a pressing timeline, Susan leaned into her faith and made arrangements to arrive at Hope4Cancer Cancun by August 28th. From acquiring an expedited passport to feeling an immediate sense of welcome upon her arrival, she felt confident that her journey was unfolding exactly how and where it was supposed to be. With the help of her Hope4Cancer medical team, Susan’s personalized treatment program was set into motion — and by the end of her initial three-week visit, she received the encouraging news that the tumor in her lymph node had completely disappeared, while another had shrunk significantly. Now back at Hope4Cancer Cancun for her follow-up visit, Susan’s trajectory continues to improve.

“Everything keeps moving in the right direction,” Susan states, resounding. “I have no doubt that I will be completely back to health.”

In our latest Patient Journey video, hear the details of Susan’s full story firsthand, and learn how her personalized treatment plan continues to help her regain control over her health, maintain quality of life, and cultivate optimism for a future free of cancer.

If you or someone you love has been struggling with a cancer diagnosis or given little to no hope for the future, we want you to know there are other options.

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