Rivi's Pancreatic Cancer Patient Journey

Follow Rivi's pancreatic cancer journey below.

Seven years after her diagnosis and treatment, former Hope4Cancer patient Rivi catches up with James Templeton of the Templeton Wellness Foundation to share her incredible healing journey. Read on and watch the full interview below to find out how Rivi went from a stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis to completely cancer-free in just four months.

Refusing Chemotherapy: Carving Her Own Healing Path

In late November 2012, Rivi’s worst fears were confirmed after an intense 13.5-hour surgery revealed that she had pancreatic cancer — and that it had already begun to spread. With plenty of recovery time on her hands, Rivi began scrutinizing research and medical journals, searching for answers to her fundamental question: “How can I help my situation without chemotherapy or radiation?”

Immediately, she began to make some serious lifestyle changes, including removing all toxins from her home, switching to a vegetarian diet, and cutting out sugar. Unfortunately, a follow-up MRI two months later revealed that her cancer was still escalating, and Rivi realized she would need a little outside help to get past this disease.

Getting Help: Learning How to Heal from the Inside Out

Committed to a path of alternative healing, Rivi narrowed down her treatment options to several clinics in Mexico. Frustrated with all of the confusing and conflicting information online, she decided to travel to each clinic and see for herself what they could offer. Armed with a list of questions that needed answers and treatments that she knew she wanted to incorporate in her healing program, Rivi visited each clinic one by one. After a three-hour in-depth consultation with Dr. Tony Jimenez at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, Rivi knew there was nowhere else she’d rather heal.

It was an obvious choice to us… [Dr. Tony] was caring, knowledgable, and [Hope4Cancer] was the only clinic that could provide the full list of treatments that I knew would benefit me.”

Following a holistic, whole-body treatment plan at Hope4Cancer, Rivi was able to help her body detoxify and restore its natural state of balance. Just two weeks after leaving the clinic, an ultrasound revealed massive improvement, and after four months of following the Hope4Cancer Home Program, her original oncologist could not find any sign of cancer.

Today, Rivi has been living seven years cancer-free and has one simple message to share with the world: “Nobody needs to die from this… but in order to beat it, you must be consistent.” To hear the rest of Rivi’s empowering survivor story and learn the treatments she believes were most helpful on her journey, be sure to watch the full interview below.


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