Phil’s Prostate Cancer Survivor Story

Follow Phil’s prostate cancer journey below.

When our patient, Phil, was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer in December 2020, his conventional doctors offered little hope and zero options, stating they could only “make him comfortable” until he passed. Distraught and (at the time) divorced for twelve years, Phil asked his then-ex-wife Crystal to make sure their kids were taken care of. But in an inspiring turn of events, the reunited and rekindled couple made their way to Hope4Cancer Cancun — finding love, liberty, and healing along the way.

In Sickness…

After 12 years of divorce, when Phil’s ex-wife, Crystal, heard the news of his stage 4 cancer diagnosis, she had only one question: “What do you need from me?” Convinced by his conventional doctors that his days were numbered, Phil asked Crystal to move back in and assure their kids were taken care of. Not only did Crystal accept the invitation, but she invited herself to some of Phil’s doctor appointments, too!  Familiar with Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, Crystal suggested there was still hope for Phil, and with a “make it happen” attitude the rekindled couple made their way to Hope4Cancer Cancun, falling in love (and getting married again!) along the way.

“A lot of gifts come with cancer. Most people find it weird when we say that, but we wouldn’t have found our way back to each other or brought the family back together otherwise.”

— Crystal

…and In Health

Liberated by the idea that he had options, Phil arrived in Cancun with Crystal by his side, eager to embrace treatment without fear. Remarried and with his hope restored, he now faces cancer with a whole new mindset: “I have something to live for… ME.” Less than three weeks into their journey and already seeing results, Phil and Crystal sit down with our team to share all the details of their experience so far.

Watch their full testimony in the video below to hear the rest of Phil’s inspiring survivor story!

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