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Bob and Darla Henry’s Journey of Faith, Hope, and Healing

After over a year of radiation, seed implant procedures, and painful side effects, Bob’s doctors recommended he start an even more toxic treatment protocol. That’s when he and his loving wife/teammate, Darla, knew they needed to rethink their cancer plan and set their sights on Hope4Cancer.

From physical improvements to emotional breakthroughs, Darla describes her husband’s transformation: “Going through traditional, he was beat up. It was like he was fighting a battle with no light at the end of the tunnel… Now he comes home with a little boy look and says, ‘I killed some cancer today!’”

Watch this inspiring couple’s touching testimony to hear more about Bob’s experience at Hope4Cancer, and how the journey to healing strengthened both their faith and their relationship.

Hope4Cancer Testimonials

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If you or a loved one have any specific questions regarding Hope4Cancer treatments for your individual situation please reach out to our admissions team here or call us at 1 (888) 544-5993 or for international calls +1 (619) 669-6511

13 thoughts on “Bob and Darla Henry’s Journey of Faith, Hope, and Healing

  1. Seeking a cure 4 my metasticized prostate cancer in my bones been fighting for 15 year yes that be since 2003

  2. Did I miss the part where he said what his treatment in Mexico actually is?Pointless video, I’m glad he’s doing well but I learnt nothing

    1. Hello Claire.

      Our treatments are non-toxic and are geared towards helping build up the patient’s immune system and preserving their healthy cells, rather than tearing down all cells in general. Many conventional treatments focus on the destruction of cancer cells which can weaken the patient’s immune system. A patient’s immune system needs to be strong to be able to fight off disease.

      Here is a list of our therapies: Also, here is a short film about our approach to treatment:

    2. Sorry you felt our story had no value for you. We hoped that our story of research, experiences, treatment centers, opened doors, would benefit others seeking answers and direction. We spent a lot of time and money to finally get to H4C and finally experience positive results in their 360 degree treatment plan….personally designed for your specific situation. It’s not a cookie cutter plan. They treat the whole body, emotional, Spiritual and physical. That was the point we wanted to share…not specific treatments. I wish you well.

  3. Hi
    My husband was a patient at H4C & we were blessed to have met this lovely couple. They imparted so much hope & info. Would it be possible to have contact with them?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Angie! I would recommend having your husband call into the Hope4Cancer office to speak to his patient coordinator or someone else on staff. They may be able to pass on that information if it has been permitted by the patients. Our phone number is 888-544-5993 and the team is in the office Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM PST.

  4. I will love to share my story i have 14 kids and i have breast cancer and thank God with my treatment 2 year cancer free

  5. So thankful to hear your encouraging story and for the hope you feel. I would like to hear or read the stories of patients who have prostate cancer with metastasis to the bone and been treated at H4C longer than one or two years ago.

    1. Hello Mary.

      You can read a story of a patient that came to Hope4Cancer that had prostate cancer here.

      Also you can view our survival rates. Hope4Cancer contracted a statistical research team from Cuba to conduct an on-site, retrospective analysis of our patient data. Their study is currently on-going (expected completion year 2020), and the data presented is based on their report for the 2-year time period between 2015–2017. Here is a link to our survival rates:

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