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Non-Toxic Cancer Therapies

At Hope4Cancer, effectiveness and safety are our guiding standards. We’re proud to offer more alternative therapies for cancer than any other integrative treatment center in the world. Based on Dr. Jimenez’s Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy, we address the physical, mental, and emotional roots of cancer. Personalized treatment programs achieve the most comprehensive healing experience for our patients. Watch the film below and continue reading to see a list of therapies we offer.

(Note: Some treatments appear more than once because they address different categories).

Hope4Cancer’s Treatment Approach

Featured Cancer-Fighting Therapies

Diagram of light therapy using lasers to help kill cancer tumor cells

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Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus

An innovative and effective treatment with a long list of benefits, Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus builds on the foundation of Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy with a more direct application of low-level laser light.

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Sunivera Immunotherapy

Combining one of the world’s most powerful immunotherapy agents, GcMAF, with synergistic therapies and nutraceuticals, Sunivera Immunotherapy brings together these elements to modulate the innate and adaptive immune systems.

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Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Using non-toxic sensitizers that selectively concentrate in cancer cells, these can be activated using predetermined sound (Sono-Dynamic Therapy) and light (Photo-Dynamic Therapy) frequencies.

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Integrative and Supportive Cancer Therapies

Regardless of your situation, we believe there is HOPE!

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