Salvus Immunotherapy

An Integrative Immunotherapy Protocol

Salvus Immunotherapy

Salvus Immunotherapy is a powerful treatment that can be used in combination with one of Hope4Cancer’s core therapies: Sunivera Immunotherapy, Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, or Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus. It is also now integrated into Salgena Immunotherapy as a replacement for the TCM® component of the program.

There are three phases of the Salvus Immunotherapy protocol, each critical to activating the adaptive immune system suppressed by cancer: (1) TCM® IV infusion, (2) Harry Protein injection, and (3) TCM® with Blue Scorpion Venom oral spray.

I. TCM® IV Infusion

An infamous function of cancer is its ability to suppress dendritic cell activation, rendering them unable to transfer essential information to T-cells and allowing the immune system to lie dormant. To combat this, the first phase of the Salvus Immunotherapy protocol utilizes TCM® IV infusions.

TCM® (T-Cell Modulator) is an immunomodulating agent made from dialyzed extracts of the white blood cells found in the spleen of gray sharks. These extracts have been found to aid dendritic cells in the transfer of antigen information, and ultimately trigger the T-cells responsible for recognizing and killing infected cells. Administered intravenously, the TCM® IV infusion provides a powerful immune boost, elevating leukocyte and monocyte levels.

II. Harry Protein Injection

Following the TCM® IV infusion, an injection of Harry Protein is administered to expose cancer cells to the immune system. As a mechanism of defense and to be able to hide from the immune system, cancer cells have the ability to internalize the antigens that make them recognizable to immune system cells. With the Harry Protein injection, we force the cancer cells to expose all those antigens, making it very difficult for the cancer cells to be able to hide from immune system cells.

Once immune system cells are able to identify the cancer cells, an active immune reaction and attack against the cancer cells are promoted, which protects the patient from metastasis and can be combined with a follow-up of low dose chemotherapy or other integrative options for a more comprehensive treatment approach.

III. TCM® + Blue Scorpion Venom Oral Spray

The third phase of the protocol is a TCM® + Blue Scorpion Venom (BSV) oral spray regimen. The properties of BSV have the ability to break down tumors and when combined with TCM® can prevent metastasis. As part of the Salvus Immunotherapy protocol, Hope4Cancer patients receive a 12-week supply of TCM® + BSV oral spray to continue use at home at a rate of six times daily, five days a week. This regimen extends the many benefits and immune-supporting properties of TCM®.

Salvus Immunotherapy is most effective when used as part of a comprehensive treatment program derived from The 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy.

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*TCM® is a registered trademark HZ Health

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