Vitamin B-17 IV Therapy

A Biological Intravenous and Metabolic Therapy

Vitamin B-17 IV Therapy


Vitamin B-17 is a naturally-occurring molecule with unique anticancer properties, and is part of Hope4Cancer’s IV Therapy program. The molecule breaks down into glucose, hydrogen cyanide, and benzaldehyde. In a healthy cell, the abundant enzyme rhodanese breaks down these elements into harmless by-products (thiocyanate and benzoic acid) that, in turn, benefit healthy cells.

In cancer cells, the enzyme beta-glucosidase acts on B-17 and converts it into a toxic molecule that kills cancer cells. Because of the enzymatic differences between cancerous and healthy cells, B-17 can selectively target and destroy cancer cells, making it an effective non-toxic anticancer agent. Found naturally in the kernels of apricot, peaches and almonds, B-17 has been considered responsible for many cancer-free tribes including the Hunza and Karakorum.

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