Near Infrared Lamp Therapy

A Light and Sound, Thermal Energy, and Anti-Angiogenic Therapy

Near Infrared Lamp Therapy


Focused Near Infra-red Lamps use light wavelengths to aid in detoxification, deep tissue healing, and pain/inflammation relief. These wavelengths penetrate tissues without emitting dangerous electromagnetic radiation. Near Infra-red wavelengths have been indicated to destabilize cancer cells. When used alongside Photo Dynamic Therapy, Near Infra-red Lamps can also trigger SP-Activate, potentially aiding the process of cancer cell destruction.

Patients using Near Infra-red Lamp technology at Hope4Cancer have experienced the following benefits:

• Enhanced blood circulation
• Cellular generation
• Increased white blood cell count
• Temporary relief from muscular pain and spasms
• Healed joint aches and stiffness
• Stimulated DNA and protein synthesis in cells
• Penetrating warmth and a feeling of comfort

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