Coffee Enemas

A Metabolic and Detoxification Therapy

Coffee Enema


Colon cleansing is a time-honored health practice that has been used for over 4,000 years to restore the large intestine to its natural size, shape, and functioning. As the lower end of the digestive tract, a healthy colon is especially important during cancer treatment, as it rids the body of toxins and dead tissue formed by tumors. The liver eliminates toxins across the body through the colon. In a healthy body, the digestive microbiome residing in the colon walls lives in harmony with the body’s immune system, working in tandem to rid the body of harmful pathogens and ensuring a balanced immune system response.

In addition with helping cleanse the lower part of the colon, coffee enemas (not the coffee you drink in the morning!) play an important role in liver detoxification. The coffee absorbs through the venous system in the lower part of the colon, directly stimulating the liver to produce more bile. This in turn flushes out toxins broken down by the organ, freeing up the liver’s capacity to process more instead of being in a constant state of overload. Without this detoxification, toxins remain concentrated in the bloodstream and in various tissues and organs, causing overall toxicity in the body. This becomes particularly important during cancer treatments as the body releases large amounts of toxins and cellular breakdown products with the liver being the major outlet.

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