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Juicing is a well-known technique of delivering nutrients to the body in a form that helps maximize absorption. This is especially useful in the case of cancer and other chronic diseases, where a compromised gut is a frequent accompanying condition. Some of the key benefits of juicing include:

1. Provides fruits and vegetables in raw form, which maximizes available nutrition compared to cooking.
2. Easy way to consume large portions of fruits and vegetables that may be difficult to consume otherwise.
3. Nutrients in juices can absorb rapidly even through the most impaired digestive systems.
4. The juicing process releases active enzymes that aid in digestion and absorption.

Juicing can be combined with fasting which can give the digestive system a much needed chance to rest without nutrient loss. During this period, nutrients are provided to the body through different juices, water, and herbal teas.

Our treatment centers feature modern juice bars, offering a tasty and diverse menu. Some Hope4Cancer favorites include beet juice (nourishes liver and promotes overall healthy functioning), cabbage juice (good vitamin C source), carrot juice (high in antioxidant beta-carotene and other enzymes), celery juice (provides natural sodium and promotes tissue flexibility).

Water and herbal teas are also offered for variety, and can be infused with cayenne or lemon juice for both health benefits (e.g. increased circulation, blood purification) and added flavor.

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