Dra. Rosa Irene Espinoza Coronado

Staff Physician

Tijuana Center

As far back as she can remember, Dra. Rosa Irene Espinoza Coronado felt drawn to the medical field. After training as a clinical laboratory technician in her high school years (1997-2000) and becoming a paramedic for the Red Cross (2000), she officially entered the medical career, graduating from Xochicalco University (2005-2009) and interning at ISSSTECALI Mirador (2009-2010).

Aspiring to educate new generations and patients on disease prevention and treatment, Dra. Rosa completed her Master’s Degree in Public Health in 2017 and went on to obtain her doctorate degree in Education in 2021, both from her alma mater, before joining the Hope4Cancer team. Today, she is one of the warm and friendly faces that help our patients integrate emotional and mental well-being into their healing journey under the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy.

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