Meet Dra. Laura Bernardo, M.D.

Cancun Center Attending Physician

Get to know the team behind our world-class care before making your way to Mexico. Learn all about Dr. Laura Bernardo’s personal and professional journey into integrative medicine, the experiences that have shaped her the most, and why she loves working at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.

Growing up with her mom as a doctor, Dra. Laura Bernardo spent the majority of her young life around patients in conventional medicine and naturally gravitated toward the profession. But after completing her medical degree at the Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla in 2012 and starting her first job at a nutrition clinic, her vision quickly began to expand. Noticing the ways that nutrition often offered more help to patients than pills, Dra. Laura’s natural curiosity drove her to continue acquiring experience and education in a variety of healing realms. Today, her well-rounded background in bariatrics, nutrition, and diagnostics (to name just a few domains she’s experienced in) has led to a skill set almost as impressive as Dra. Laura’s passion.

Citing her biggest inspiration for her career choice as her long standing desire to help others, Dra. Laura decided to again expand her heart-centered service to the Hope4Cancer team in February 2020, joining our Cancun family as an Attending Physician. Impressed by the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy and how they brought everything she’d learned together into one powerful healing program, Dra. Laura loves the opportunity to help patients with every tool available, rather than just one avenue. Whether she’s working directly with patients or infusing her TLC into the environment around her, Dra. Laura’s influence can be felt by all of our patients on a daily basis.

Dr. Laura Bernardo, Cancun Center Attending Physician

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