Dr. Gregorio Viramontes Trejo

Interventional Radiologist

Cancun Center


As a young child, Dr. Gregorio Viramontes Trejo was inspired by his loving grandmother and the care she showed to her patients as a physician. Carrying this influence into his adulthood, Dr. Viramontes began his own journey into the field of medicine in the early 2000s. Through the years, he maintained positions as both a Radiologist in several esteemed medical facilities and as a Professor in the School of Medicine at Universidad Anáhuac Cancún, sharing his knowledge and passion with both patients and students alike.

Most recently, Dr. Viramontes joined the Hope4Cancer team as our in-house Interventional Radiologist, where he builds relationships with our patients, performing diagnostic ultrasounds on their arrival, monitoring their progress through treatment and follow-ups, and helping them understand their results. Continuing his grandmother’s legacy, this one-on-one time with patients is Dr. Viramontes’ favorite part of his role at Hope4Cancer.

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