Dr. Raul de la Fuente Morales

Staff Physician

Cancun Center


After completing his degree as a Medical Surgeon and Homeopath at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico’s School of Medicine and Homeopathy in 2013, Dr. Raul de la Fuente Morales went on to hold several esteemed positions. Among them, Dr. Morales has served as General Doctor, Homeopath, and General Physician at Similares Pharmacy, Farmacia Homeopatix, and INFONAVIT, respectively.

During his social service, he also acted as clinic director and doctor at the Health Institute of the State of Mexico (Instituto de Salud del Estado de México), providing general and emergency care, assembling support groups, and facilitating workshops for youth, prenatal women, and patients with chronic degenerative diseases.

As a general physician at Hope4Cancer, Dr. Morales interacts with our patients on a daily basis, monitoring and studying their progress and performing numerous diagnostic tests and clinical analyses. His dedication to staying at the forefront of pathologies, diagnoses, and treatments, is complemented by continuous training and a personal mission to provide society with top quality medical care and ethical treatment.

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