Dr. Pablo Romero, M.D.

Staff Physician

Playas de Tijuana Center

Bringing over 20 years of experience to our Playas de Tijuana center, Dr. Pablo Romero specializes in treating patients at the intersection of body and mind. Holding degrees in General Medicine, Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine, and Psychiatry, his well-rounded skillset and natural curiosity have been valuable assets to our patients for over eight years and counting.

In an exclusive interview with our team, Dr. Romero shares his journey into the field of integrative medicine, his fascination with the relationship between body and mind in healing, and the joy he finds in providing patients with comprehensive, personalized care at Hope4Cancer.

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Ever since his childhood, Dr. Romero can recall being intrigued by the inner workings of the human body. As an adult, he continued to channel this fascination into a professional pursuit of understanding and aiding the body’s natural healing processes. After graduating with a degree in General Medicine from the Autonomous University of Baja California in 2003, Dr. Romero’s professional journey spanned several areas, including surgical and psychiatric care, as well as internships at IMSS Hospital General Regional Número 20 in Tijuana and the Social Security Administration in San Diego de Alcalá Nayarit.

Though grateful for his conventional training, Dr. Romero soon noted its limitations and felt drawn to integrative medicine for its ability to recognize the individuality of a patient. Thanks to the serendipitous invitation of a friend, he found the perfect environment to merge his interests in mental and physical health at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers. Here, Dr. Romero deeply values the opportunity to provide patients with the most extensive toolkit possible to address their disease.

“Cancer is unpredictable.” He states, “Even if two patients have the same diagnosis, the answer is not always going to be the same. Being able to work with alternative medicine gives us more tools to deal with a patient’s situation and simultaneously consider its physical and emotional impacts on both the patient and their families. By explaining and addressing all of these aspects, we can genuinely provide patients with real hope.”

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