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Patient Perspective: Making Lemonade – Lisa’s Amazing Lymphoma Story

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” It’s a proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and a positive, take-action attitude when faced with adversity.

But when you hear the dreaded news that “you have cancer,” it can feel like fate has not just given you one sour, bitter lemon, but a bushel of them. And we know from experience that what you do with those lemons often determines how you heal.

Making Serious Lemonade

Today’s story is about the seven-year-old son of one of our patients, who took the bad news that his mom’s cancer could not be cured by her chemotherapy treatments and literally made lemonade to help out. Lisa Engelman is healing from follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which has no cure and is difficult to treat by conventional cancer standards. When her first round of chemotherapy treatments failed her, she and her family decided to take the alternative path with non-toxic treatment protocols. Lisa wanted to come to Hope4Cancer, but the family’s finances were making that decision difficult.

Luke, a rather mature seven-year-old and the oldest of his three siblings, decided he had to do something to raise funds for his mother’s treatment. A budding entrepreneur, he quickly got to planning a lemonade stand for the end of the driveway. He spent about four weeks delivering flyers, and the family also used Facebook to reach out to their community. Still, with $1 glasses of lemonade and $2 popcorn bags for sale, Lisa and her husband, Stephen, didn’t expect Luke to raise much more than $100.

Unanticipated Joy

What came next was something that no one could have anticipated. The flyers and Facebook post got the word got out in the community about Lisa’s predicament and Luke’s idea. The response was incredible. Even with Lisa, Stephen, and two of their four children sick in bed with the flu, Luke get his lemonade stand up and running with the help of friends and neighbors. The day brought friends, neighbors, the local fire department, and even the Channel 6 News crew out to support Lisa — check out Luke’s interview with them.

At the end of that incredible day, Lisa, Stephen, and Luke sat down to count up all the money the stand had made, and the amount was far from the $100 they had predicted. The total came to $3,903.03!! Luke’s efforts even made the local Portland Tribune as well as national news, with coverage on Yahoo Parenting.

But more than the money or the media, the Engelman family saw that “?love is action, and action is love.”? These words from Luke in the news video really sum it all up:

“My momma has cancer, and now she is really sick … and we have to get rid of it.”

Getting Even Better

In addition to the lemonade stand fundraiser, Lisa’s family and friends have rallied around her to raise even more money through the YouCaring: Compassionate Fundraising (now GoFundMe) platform. Her sister, Lynette, set up the online fundraiser, with a goal of $50-plus thousand, to support Lisa’s alternative treatment needs. As of the writing of this blog, they have raised $27,313!

Many of our patients support their treatment costs with online fundraisers. We are amazed at what technology has done to help bring communities together to support healing. We never want a cancer patient to be faced with choosing their cancer treatment based only what insurance does or does not cover. We thank sites like YouCaring and many others that help our patients raise the money they need to support their alternative treatment path.

Healing with a Plan

Lisa has finished her in-patient stay at Hope4Cancer, and we are pleased with her progress toward healing. We share her faith in God — there is a purpose and a plan for Lisa and her cancer.

You can stay up on Lisa’s incredible healing journey by tuning into her blog. We hear that Luke has plans to continue his lemonade empire, and that his community is still right by his side. We’ve also heard that the Ellen DeGeneres Show has made inquiries about Luke’s story. This is the kind of story that should make national news!

What do you think are the best online platforms for raising money to support alternative cancer treatments? Share your tips with our community by tweeting @Hope4CancerMex or commenting on our Facebook page.

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8 thoughts on “Patient Perspective: Making Lemonade – Lisa’s Amazing Lymphoma Story

  1. I know I have cancer that is pretty much all over my body. I used to be a nurse but let my license expire because I had to quit to take care of my mother with alzheimers who has since past away. I went to Mayo clinic i n Florida and when they did the thyroid scan they invited all the Florida University students into the room to see my scan.They did a head a neck scan after this but would never tell me I had cancer and they changed the results which says in my chart and told me to go back to kentucky and they would have a conference and
    call me. The doctor called and said I had Hashimotos disease,this was in 2007 and since then the cancer has spread and now I am in a wheel chair. I can not hardly walk or stand and the doctors blame bakers cyst which I know this wouldnt keep you from walking or standing.I want to get well so bad and be able to walk again but when my doctor wont admit I have this disease, but he doesn deny it either he fired me as his patient because of fear that I would sue him,which I would never do,I just want to get well.

  2. I have written previouslyconcerning my sister’case. She has mouth cancer has spread to the thrist andlungs She is very thin now , I think she is stage 4.
    We live in Nigeria snd have spent the better part of our financed in thelast two yrs treating her
    what can be done for her.



    1. Hello Lilian. I am so sorry to hear about your sister. We are not able to give medical advice directly through our website or social media platforms, but please contact our admissions office at 888-544-5993 or go to and fill out the form and one of our admissions officers can get you a consultation with our doctor.

  3. Hola. Mi consulta es por mi pareja, que tiene cáncer d vejiga. Esta a espera de que le aprueben, la quimioterapia por protocolo. Tiene muchos Dolores. Hace un año que esta con los polipos primero, ya se opero tres veces. Ahora tiene un tumor en la vejiga. Y se hizo cinco aplicaciones d BCG. Y no pasó nada. Hay otra posibilidad utilidad d tratamiento que no sea la quimioterapia? , que es tan agresiva. Muchas gracias!! Espero su respuesta. Lo saludo muy Atte. María Rosa Lelli. De Argentina.

    1. Nuestros tratamientos no son tóxicos y están orientados a ayudar a fortalecer el sistema inmunológico del paciente y preservar su salud células, en lugar de derribar todas las células en general. Muchos tratamientos convencionales se centran en la destrucción de células cancerosas que pueden
      debilitar el sistema inmunológico del paciente. El sistema inmunológico de un paciente debe ser fuerte para poder combatir la enfermedad.

      No podemos dar consejos médicos directamente a través de nuestro sitio web, pero comuníquese con nuestra oficina de admisiones al 888-544-5993 o vaya a y complete el formulario y uno de nuestros oficiales de admisiones puede conseguirle una consulta
      con nuestro doctor.

  4. Hola actualmente tengo cancer de estómago en estado avanzado ya que hizo metástasis en huesos y ovarios, la quimioterapia que llevó es palitativo pero quisiera una segunda opinión ya que tengo fe que esto se irá de mi cuerpo, me podrían dar información porfavor y precios, gracias !!

    1. Nuestros tratamientos no son tóxicos y están orientados a ayudar a fortalecer el sistema inmunológico del paciente y preservar su salud. células, en lugar de derribar todas las células en general. Muchos tratamientos convencionales se centran en la destrucción de células cancerosas que pueden debilitar el sistema inmunológico del paciente. El sistema inmunológico de un paciente debe ser fuerte para poder combatir la enfermedad.

      No existe un rango de costos ya que los planes de tratamiento están diseñados para el individuo según sus necesidades. El mejor primer paso es programar una consulta
      telefónica gratuita con nuestro equipo médico donde se establecería un plan de tratamiento.

      Simplemente visite y complete algunas preguntas cortas. Una vez completado, tiene la opción de reservar su propia cita con un consejero de admisiones. Si no reserva su propia cita, un miembro de nuestro equipo lo llamará lo antes posible. También puede llamar a nuestras oficinas durante el horario comercial, de lunes a viernes de 8 a.m. a 5 p.m. o los sábados de 9 a.m. a 1 p.m. PST. US # 1.888.544.5993 / International #: +1.619.669.6511

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