Trina's Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Survivor Story

Follow Trina's ovarian cancer journey through our interview below.

Trina Hammacks Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Survivor Story

Q. What type of cancer were you originally diagnosed with?
A. Ovarian

Q. What year were you originally diagnosed?
A. 2008

Q.What is the current status of your health?
A. I am Cancer Free!

Q. Please recall what it felt like when you were given your diagnosis?
A. It was absolutely devastating when I received the diagnosis. The room spun, I almost passed out and I saw a coffin in my mind’s eye. The fear was completely overwhelming and I was terrified and in complete shock.

Q. How did your family respond to the news?
A. Everyone was in shock

Q. What were your doctors telling you?
A. He told me that he believed that I had stage 4 ovarian cancer and that I needed surgery and chemotherapy immediately. I was not given a prognosis and I was referred to a gynecological oncologist in the Bay Area.

Q. Where did you personally look for information about your diagnosis/prognosis and treatment options?
A. Having known Dr. Tony for several years, and having referred many people to him over the years, I immediately called him. I knew that chemo was not an option for me and that the only way I would survive was to follow a natural, non-toxic path.

Q. Did you feel like you had options at this time other than conventional treatments?
A. Yes

Q. If you knew back when you were first diagnosed,  what you know now, what would you have done differently?
A. No, I would have done exactly the same thing which was to call Dr. Tony immediately. I had the advantage of knowing about his work already so I knew that there was another path.

Q. Please add anything else you would like to say about this time in your cancer journey?
A. I knew deep within my bones that chemo would kill me and that I would rather die than take that path. I had a young son and I especially needed to listen to that still voice within my heart, so I could choose the correct path so I could be there for him.

Q. If you did any cancer treatments before coming to Hope4Cancer, could you explain those treatments and how successful they were for you?
A. I only did surgery before going to H4C. No other cancer treatments

Q. How did you find Hope4Cancer?
A. I originally heard about H4C from a client of mine in 1996

Q.What was your experience like at Hope4Cancer?
A. I did my treatments at home so my experience was a bit different. When I went there for the first time to get my protocol, everyone was very nice and the food was wonderful.

Q. What treatments did you receive at Hope4Cancer?
A. Mainly Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, but also some immune boosting injections made from my urine. I also used some detox solutions

Q. What were the deciding factors in choosing Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers?
A. I knew deep inside that it was the right choice for me. Also, I knew Dr. Tony and I trusted him

Q. Describe how your perception of the word “cancer” has changed, if any?
A. Now that I understand how emotional conflicts and physical toxicities are triggers to a cancerous condition, I am not fearful. I know that I possess tools to help me walk through the conflicts while detoxing and supporting my body. It’s actually very empowering to understand why a person gets cancer or any disease for that matter.

Q. What perspective in life do you now have that you didn’t have before?
A. My perspective has changed around cancer as a whole. I now look for root cause factors on many, many levels and figure out WHY someone is sick or has cancer. I guess you could say that I have gone deeper into the why of disease and figuring out the missing pieces. There are always reasons why and we just need to unearth them and work forward from there.

Q. What does the next 3-5 years of your life now look like?
A. I am living my life’s purpose in a much bigger way. Helping others to understand this process of what cancer really is and where it comes from and then empowering them to overcome their situation. My life is wonderful and I look forward to the future.

Q. What would you say to the person coming behind you, who may be experiencing what you went through, for the first time?
A. There are always reasons why a cancer or illness shows up. Do your best to stop, breathe and look inside for the best answers for you. There’s a lot of fear in the world and conventional doctors will try to scare you into doing something that may not be right for you. Take the time to really sit with your options before jumping into chemo or radiation. Pay attention to what really feels right to you.


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