Trina Hammack:  “I Walked Away From Ovarian Cancer”

Five years ago today, I beat the odds.  Today I have become the anomaly.  I have officially messed with the odds.  I walked away from ovarian cancer … on my terms.  No chemo.  No radiation.  Just surgery and then working with an amazing team at Hope4Cancer.  They say cancer changes your life.  It’s true (…) I do see that there is a purpose to life experiences like this.  I do see the silver lining in that black cloud.  And I am so grateful to now understand how and why people create cancers and other diseases.  But most of all, I am so grateful to have the tools and insight to help others walk away from their disease and becoming the shining star and anomaly too. Thanks to all of you for your love and support.  I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Trina Hammack, Facebook Post, 6/20/2013


A Prophetic Statement

Trina Hammack - Free From Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer with Hope4Cancer Treatments

As a healthcare practitioner, Trina Hammack knew the statistics.  In 2008, when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she knew her chances of making it were minuscule.  Over the years, she had sent many of her own patients who were diagnosed with cancer over to the quiet Mexican cancer clinic called Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers across the USA San Diego border.

She was always impressed by Dr. Jimenez’s knowledge and compassion and would tell him, prophetically as it turns out, that if she were ever diagnosed, she would call him immediately.  A pelvic exam, a blood test for the CA-125 tumor marker, an ultrasound and a biopsy confirmed her worst fears.  They had discovered a melon-sized tumor.  The first phone call was to Dr. Jimenez and he immediately got down to work with her.


Treating Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Dr. Jimenez realized that the large tumor needed to be removed surgically.  However, after the surgery, he encouraged Trina to bypass chemotherapy in favor of alternative cancer treatments.  Trina started her treatment program centered around Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy and the Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy.

Trina’s second-hand knowledge through her patients made her acutely aware of what chemo and radiation could possibly do to her body, and it made pursuing alternative cancer treatments a no-brainer.  While she knew this was the right choice for her, given that she was suffering from advanced ovarian cancer, it is unlikely that she was expecting a miracle.


The Treatments Work!

“I began the Sono-Photo treatments and during the first few weeks watched my CA-125 plummet”, Trina said. “All of my doctors were monitoring my lab reports and CT scans and with each report, the news was better and better.  Soon the cancer was completely gone.”

Dr. Jimenez is one of the few select experts in Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy with the greatest reported success and clinical experience with the method.  He is counted among the three pioneers of the method, the only one in the Americas.  SPDT is unique in that it uses completely non-toxic methods to generate a powerful anti-cancer effect.   Most patients experience results within the first 2-3 weeks of their treatment at the clinic as evidenced by the reduced blood flow in their tumors and often decreased tumor sizes.  The methods work for both superficial and deep-seated tumors, and also attacks metastasized cancer cells and tumor centers as well.

Explains Dr. Jimenez with regard to Trina’s chosen treatment pathway,”We use SPDT on ovarian cancer because it works quickly to stop the spread of cancer to the other organs and eliminates stray cancer cells in the body.  In Trina’s case, her tumor was very large – I recommended a debulking surgery so that the treatment could get to work with less pressure.  But for patients with smaller tumors, we would bypass the surgery altogether since surgery can have its own side effects and spread the cancer.”   These methods work for all types of cancers and allow patients to simultaneously live the best possible quality of life alongside their treatments.


Trina is Now Living a Cancer-Free Life

For 5 years Trina hasn’t had to worry about cancer.  “I am staying on the Hope4Cancer maintenance program, and continue to enjoy good health. And I still send my own clients to Hope4Cancer whenever they present with a serious disease.”

To all the skeptics out there, she says, “I am living proof that there are natural treatments out there that really work!”


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41 thoughts on “Trina Hammack, 5-Year Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Survivor: “I Beat the Odds”

  1. I found this site looking for the Hope 4 Cancer Clinic. I called today and spoke with Gabriella and Claudette about becoming a patient for the treatment of Lyme’s Disease. I listened to the # 4 video by Ty Bollinger “The Truth About Cancer” series and learned about Trina Hammack in her testimony interview at the clinic. She stated she healed herself of Lyme’s Disease in the brain. That caught my attention and put me to search for the clinic and Trina.
    I am hoping to be able to reach out to Trina in regards to her healing the Lyme’s Disease that was affecting her brain. I would dearly like to talk with her in regards to similarities to do with the symptoms I have, etc. When I can afford to go to the clinic for treatments, I will make that happen. The staff did tell me that Trina used their treatments at the clinic for healing herself of Lyme’s. I am so thrilled to hear her testimony, it has given me hope in knowing that I can get help also.

  2. I am pleased to learn that a patient could be healed of ovarian cancer. My younger sister has been battling this ailment for close to 10 years now, there hadn’t been any improvement. Rather, it has enlarged to a stage that she looks like a 9 months pregnant lady.
    Honestly, I would be glad, if she could benefit from your healing processes. it’s even difficult for us considering the cost and distance to make it to the Mexican borders where the clinic or facilities is located from Nigeria, West Africa.
    We look forward to hear from you. As its believed that a stitch in time, saves life.

    1. There is no price you can put on the life of a person – at the same time, the practicalities of life do get in the way. However, we strongly recommend that you contact one of our counselors at 619-669-6511 – maybe they might have a solution that could be potentially doable for you. Many blessings and prayers for you, your family, and most of all, for your sister.

  3. Hello,

    My wife diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and also spread to Liver, doctor said they will first give 3 chemotherapy and then remove ovarian, but still life expectancy is 24-36 months, however if cancer does not re-appear then she can have normal life, Now what to do so that it does not come again?

    1. Thank you for your message, Lucky. Successfully shrinking tumors with conventional therapies may provide a period of temporary hope, but does not, unfortunately, resolve cancer because the underlying problems have not been resolved yet. In addition to that, chemotherapy suppresses the immune system whose function is to keep cancer at bay. Surviving resistant stem cells can regroup to rebuild tumors that are now resistant to standard treatments. Our site has many tips that will help you understand how to put your wife on a healing path. We would strongly recommend that you speak with one of our patient counselors to learn more about how we could help you take the next steps. You can schedule your call by clicking here.

  4. My mother in law is at stage 4 ovarian cancer. She has intestinal blockage and cannot eat or keep anything down. Also she had hernia surgery and we think could be scar tissue causing the blockage. The doctors say she is too weak to do surgery. Is there anything to help the blockage?

    1. Hi Carrie, Sorry to hear about your mother’s situation, my prayers are with you and her for her speedy recovery. I checked with our doctors in Mexico on what they would advise for her immediate condition, and here is what they suggested: “You can try decompression with nasogastric tube and bowel rest; many times the blockage resolves with the strategy. Often times to understand bowel obstruction you have to think of a kinked hose and what needs to happen to unkink it.” I don’t know if you have tried this strategy or not, but it doesn’t hurt to discuss it with her doctor.

      I would urge you to consider natural, non-toxic approaches to healing as well if you haven’t done so already. We have worked with patients with Stage 4 Ovarian cancer successfully before (see Trina Hammack’s story. Also see Betsy Dix’s story).

      If you would like to learn more, you can click here to schedule a call with one of our counselors who can guide you through your many options. I have also taken the liberty of forwarding your email address to them, so you may hear from them as well. Wish you happiness and healing!

  5. Hi , I was diagnosed with a stage 1c reptured granusola cell tumor ovarian cancer three years ago , I had to remove the infected ovary by surgery , and I refused chemo, or radio.
    I still do the check up every 3 to 6 months ,
    Every fine , but as I was told this type of cancer could come back any time even after 10 or 20 years , or sooner
    What should I do to prevent the cancer from coming back and get rid of it for good?

  6. I was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer November 2016 required surgery and bowel resection. I completed 3 cycles of carbo/taxol in may 2017 and ca125 was 10, following month 9.5. Cancer recurrence in September and have started dioxal for now stage 4 and will probably add another drug soon. I am 74 and had been in good health, eating mostly vegetarian diet and gym 3 times a week. I feel now that I could have improved diet with more fruits and vegetables.
    I feel that now the oncologists want to keep me on maintenance but I would like to know if there is another way to treat this and have a better quality of life and live longer.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Mary, I am very glad you are taking proactive action! You are correct, it is not enough to simply follow your oncologist’s advice and wait for the cancer to come back. It’s virtually like sitting on a ticking bomb. I have taken the liberty of forwarding your email address to our patient counselors – you might be contacted by one of them to discuss specifics of your case. In case you would send your information directly to them, please feel free to setup a free consultation through our online tool. Many prayers and blessings for your continued good health and freedom from cancer!

  7. Kindly let me know how to get in touch. I am a doctor in Nigeria and 39years old. Had abnormal bleeding once 8 months ago and have been having terrible heaviness and pain on my back lower waist. This has been on coupled with terrible exaggeration of GERD symptoms recently. Though i have had about 3 ultrasound and they couldnt really find much but i doubt if they’re correct due to the fact that we have lots of obsolete equipments here in Nigeria. I would love to have a review and possible management with you as i strongly suspect ovarian cancer. Please how do i go about this?
    Thank you for response

    1. Thank you for getting in touch with us, I understand your concern. I am forwarding your email contact to our patient counselor who will follow up with you. If you want, you can speed up the process by setting up a free consultation over the phone/internet by clicking here: REQUEST A CONSULTATION. We wish you the very best and a happy resolution to your health challenge.

  8. Hi,
    My Friend has been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer which has spread to her liver and stomach lining. She doesn’t like the idea of chemotherapy as prefers alternative methods etc. Just wondered if you could send me any information on what or how she can go about things.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Dear Matt,
      I am sorry to hear about your friend, but don’t lose hope! Alternative is a state of mind which is slowly becoming mainstream now as people understand how the body processes disease and maintains health. Your friend is making a good choice, and now it is all about follow up. I have taken the liberty to forward your contact information to our patient counselors with whom you can setup a free consultation with your friend during which she can review and understand her options. However, to speed things up, I would recommend you request a free consultation by going to this link: Request a Free Consultation.

      I wish you friend a speedy recovery and return to optimal health. There are many people who have made their way back, and there is no reason why she should not be one of them.

  9. My friend had mucas ovarian cancer had chemo no further evidence after hysterectomy and chemo. Finished chemo in February 3 month check up 6 month check up ca125 levels over 100 within 3 weeks was over 1000 came back on her liver and bottom of lungs. had 1st chemo 4 weeks ago and became very ill. Today she has been told they can’t carry on with chemo she has 4 to 6 weeks. Please advise urgently xx

  10. Hi, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 1 year ago, she’s been through 6 different types chemotherapy, some worked for a short time, but wuit working, it is considered a rare clear cell carcinoma, they said there’s no more chemotherapy to try, we don’t know what to do right now. She has a huge will to live and doesn’t want to give up, any advice would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Sawyer,
      It is heartening to hear the story about your mother and her desire to live! That’s what mothers do, they will never give up on their families. I have forwarded your email address to our patient counselors who will be reaching out to you. However, to speed things up, click on the following link to request a free consultation: REQUEST A CALLBACK NOW.

  11. Hello,
    My friend who has been battling ovarian cancer for few years now,was given prognosis of 4-6 weeks of life on Mon,no more chemo is allowed,stage 4,with methastasis to the liver, spleen,peritoneum,diaphraghm,clots in the lungs and pleura.She is unable to travel as she is feeling very weak,but has a strong will to live.We would be very grateful if you could advice us what to do.She lives in the UK,do you have any colleagues/clinics in the UK or Europe?

    Many thanks for your help and time in advance

    1. Dear Elena,
      Sorry to hear about your situation with your friend. We will be happy to help any way we can. I would recommend that you/your friend discuss the case with one of our patient counselors. I have sent your email address to one of our patient counselors, they should have contacted you by now. If you haven’t heard from them yet, please click on the following link and fill out the form to schedule a free consultation:

      Schedule Your Free Consultation

  12. My Mother just got diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer back in Pakistan and doctor has recommended her 3 cycle of Chemo before the surgery. She has raised us as single mother and we do not want to lose her so quickly. She is in good general health and willing to fight. Any help would be appreciated.


    1. Dear Laeeq,
      Sorry to hear about your situation with your mother. We will be happy to help any way we can. I would recommend that you discuss the case with one of our patient counselors. I have sent your email address to one of our patient counselors, they should have contacted you by now. If you haven’t heard from them yet, please click on the following link and fill out the form to schedule a free consultation:

      Schedule Your Free Consultation

  13. Dear Doctor
    My SIL diagnosed with cancerous cells in the stomach lining. Two years back she underwent a surgery to remove a part of her stomach and also fibroids from ovary. chemo had introudced rigjt after the surgery. Been for check up once in six months unfortunately last week during ultra sound they find a growth again in the ovary which lead them to have other test. Now the doctors said that there is a growth in ovary which they are not sure whether it is cancerous or fibroids. Hence they gave an option to have laparoscopy first and then chemo. If required them go for surgery because she already had two open surgeries and a laparoscopy in the last so years. What is the best option in your analysis. Please help.

    1. Dear Rashid,
      Sorry to hear about your situation with your sister-in-law. We will be happy to help any way we can. I would recommend that you discuss the case with one of our patient counselors. I have sent your email address to one of our patient counselors, you can expect to hear from them, if you haven’t heard from them already. If you haven’t heard from them yet, please click on the following link and fill out the form to schedule a free consultation:

      Schedule Your Free Consultation

  14. Hello. My mother went for surgery to remove a tumour in the ovary only to find it is cancerous and has spread to the liver and bowels. They could not remove the ovaries at this time for fear of over bleeding. She is also diabetic. Samples have been taken for further tests. What options do we have? We are in Africa, we would like to know your costs as well. Thank you.

  15. Hello

    my mum has been battling ovarian cancer since 2015. She first had surgery and we all hoped after the tumor was removed she could have got better. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case. She now has cancer cells that have spread close to her liver and stomach. Chemo has only made her more and more weak to the point that her kidneys need stents to function. I feel like all the different types of chemo they have been trying made her only worse without curing the disease. What could be done?

    Prayers, love and hopes to all of those who go through this in life


    1. Dear Grace,
      First of all remember that there is always hope! We would need to simultaneously work on slowing down the rate of progress of the cancer, detoxing her body from all the chemical exposure and restoring her immune system. My strong recommendation would be for your to talk to one of our patient counselors as soon as possible. Please click on the following link to schedule a call : schedule a free consultation.

  16. wish to see prestigious advice for treatment of Ovarian cancer for my mother diagnosed in August, 2017 due to bloated-stomach.

    As prescribed by allopathic-doctors, we took injections for 4-cycles of Chemo (each-one 3-days process) on 18.08.2017, 09.09.2017, 29.09.17 & 20.10.2017 at Himalayan-Hospital, JollyGrant, Dehradoon (Tata Memorial Hospital’s Protocol) and had de-bulking surgery at Hinduja Hospital,Mumbai subsequently on 14.11.2017 for removal of ovaries, uterus, fallopian-tubes, visible cancerous cells from various parts in abdomen/liver as described in Histopathology reports attached herewith (printout copy also received via Indian speed-post, at your office on December 09, 2017).

    Recently post-surgery, the 5th Chemo was completed on 08.12.17; while another 2-Chemos (6th & 7th) are prescribed on 29.12.17 & 19.01.18.

    All 5 chemos prescribed were (“Carboplatin + Paclitaxel”) regimen with PegGrafeel injection.

    We wish to a parallel & alternate Homeopathic treatment for her fast & sustainable recovery on priority with best names of Homeopathy medicines which can be purchased from Dehradoon

    Kindly help and please feel free for further queries, if any.

  17. Hi Dr,
    I’m feeling really scared and worried about my health. I have not been diagnoised with ovarian cancer, but i have some symtoms. Slight dull ache in my lower back, period like pains that come and go. Recently, i have been experiencing tight chest pain and struggling to swollow. I had a chest xray, bloods and urine test which came back clear. My chest pain comes and goes. I have been juicing, which cause a little consipation because i normally go regularlly. I do not like conventional medicine like chemo because it kills your immune system. I want to learn how to heal my body naturally. Can you help.

    1. Dear Denise,
      Just because you are feeling what you are feeling does not mean that you have cancer. That being said, feeling symptomatic is probably not just your imagination but an indication that you need to take care of yourself better at all levels – physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually. Doing that can work wonders in improving the way you feel. Some of our patients visit our treatment centers without a cancer diagnosis simply to experience the benefits to the body with our non-toxic, whole body therapies. If you would like to find out more, feel free to talk to one of our patient counselors by requesting a free consultation on our website. All the best!

  18. Hello,

    My mother is diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer 3years back and has undergone complete hysterectomy and round of chemo. But cancer relapsed with a year 🙁
    Now we are again giving her chemo to maintain her health kindly advise what can be done to save my mother. We are deeply teoubled by her condition since years.
    We are from India, Mumbai.

  19. I had ovarian cancer and a hysterectomy in 1999. In Jan of 2000 I went through 6 rounds of Taxol and Carboplatin. It appeared the cancer was gone. In 2015 they “accidently” found the cancer was back in a lymph gland in my lower left peri aorta, possibly in my lungs and behind my left thyroid. I again went through 6 rounds of Taxol and Carboplatin. It all appeared mostly gone except a small, less than 2mm spot in a lymph gland in my peri aorta. In 2017 it began growing again and I went through another 6 rounds of chemo. This time it was carboplatin and something else, not Taxol. Once that was finished they put me on Zaluja. This has almost killed me. My hemoglobin was down to 6 and I had to have 2 units of blood last week. My hemoglobin is only 9 now and I have an extremely high iron count. It is over twice as much as the highest normal level should be. Is there anyone out there with any ideas for me? My doc wants to put me back on the Zaluja at a lower dose but I don’t think I want to do that.

    1. Hi Deborah,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. I can only imagine what you have been through … many of our patients approach us after going through similar experiences. That is why we focus on non-toxic therapies that have a good opportunity to treat not only the cancer but also heal the body from the ravages of the disease. As your next step, please click on the request a free consultation button above – one of our patient counselors will be happy to answer your questions and give you some guidance on how we can help you in your current situation.

  20. I read this and I’m hanging on to hope. I was diagnosed 4th stage ovarian cancer in 1996.I am still fighting I went off all chemo last year, I am getting weaker and sicker but I am a 22 year survivor. Doctors say I am terminal, I refuse a double masactomy to the spread of my cancer, but I am not giving up

    1. Dear Shirley,
      Yes, never give up on hope and hope will not give up on you! If there is anything our team can do to assist you in your journey, please let us know. Feel free to request a free consultation on our website, and one of our patient counselors will be happy to speak with you about the many options we can recommend for you to overcome the odds.

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