Trina Hammack:  “I Walked Away From Ovarian Cancer”

Five years ago today, I beat the odds.  Today I have become the anomaly.  I have officially messed with the odds.  I walked away from ovarian cancer … on my terms.  No chemo.  No radiation.  Just surgery and then working with amazing Dr. Tony at Hope4Cancer.  They say cancer changes your life.  It’s true (…) I do see that there is a purpose to life experiences like this.  I do see the silver lining in that black cloud.  And I am so grateful to now understand how and why people create cancers and other dis-eases.  But most of all, I am so grateful to have the tools and insight to help others walk away from their dis-ease and becoming the shining star and anomaly too. Thanks to all of you for your love and support.  I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Trina Hammack, Facebook Post, 6/20/2013


A Prophetic Statement

Trina Hammack - Free From Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer with Hope4Cancer Treatments

As a healthcare practitioner, Trina Hammack knew the statistics.  In 2008, when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she knew her chances of making it were miniscule.  Over the years, she had send many of her own patients who were diagnosed with cancer over to the quiet Mexican cancer clinic called Hope4Cancer Institute across the USA San Diego border.

She was always impressed by Dr. Jimenez’s knowledge and compassion, and would tell him, prophetically as it turns out, that if she were ever diagnosed, she would call him immediately.  A pelvic exam, a blood test for the CA-125 tumor marker, an ultrasound and a biopsy confirmed her worst fears.  They had discovered a melon sized tumor.  The first phone call was to Dr. Jimenez and he immediately got down to work with her.


Treating Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Dr. Jimenez realized that the large tumor needed to be removed surgically.  However, after the surgery, he encouraged Trina to bypass chemotherapy in favor of alternative cancer treatments.  Trina started her treatment program centered around Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy and the Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy.

Trina’s second-hand knowledge through her patients made her acutely aware of what chemo and radiation could possibly do to her body, and it made pursuing alternative cancer treatments a no-brainer.  While she knew this was the right choice for her, given that she was suffering from advanced ovarian cancer, it is unlikely that she was expecting a miracle.


The Treatments Work!

Soon the Cancer Was Completely Gone!”

“I began the Sono-Photo treatments and during the first few weeks watched my CA-125 plummet”, Trina said. “All of my doctors were monitoring my lab reports and CT scansm and with each report the news was better and better.  Soon the cancer was completely gone.”

Dr. Jimenez is one of the few select experts in Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy with the greatest reported success and clinical experience with the method.  He is counted among the three pioneers of the method, the only one in the Americas.  SPDT is unique in that it uses completely non-toxic methods to generate a powerful anti-cancer effect.   Most patients experience results within the first 2-3 weeks of their treatment at the clinic as evidenced by the reduced blood flow in their tumors, and often decreased tumor sizes.  The methods works for both superficial and deep-seated tumors, and also attacks metastasized cancer cells and tumor centers as well.

In addition to SPDT, Dr. Jimenez has pioneered many other treatments.  In particular, Hope4Cancer Institute is the only approved in-patient center for treating patients with the BX Antitoxin Therapy, another treatment that is causing waves in the field of alternative cancer therapy.  Dr. Jimenez is the first and most experienced affiliate to clinically use the BX Antitoxin Therapy.

Explains Dr. Jimenez with regard to Trina’s chosen treatment pathway,”We use SPDT on ovarian cancer because it works quickly to stop the spread of cancer to the other organs and eliminates stray cancer cells in the body.  In Trina’s case, her tumor was very large – I recommended a debulking surgery so that the treatment could get to work with less pressure.  But for patients with smaller tumors, we would bypass the surgery altogether since surgery can have its own side effects and spread the cancer.”   These methods work for all types of cancers and allow patients to simultaneously live the best possible quality of life alongside their treatments.


Trina is Now Living a Cancer-Free Life

For 5 years Trina hasn’t had to worry about cancer.  “I am staying on the Hope4Cancer maintenance program, and continue to enjoy good health. And I still send my own clients to Hope4Cancer whenever they present with a serious disease.”

To all the skeptics out there, she says, “I am living proof that there are natural treatments out there that really work!”

One thought on “Trina Hammack, 5-Year Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Survivor: “I Beat the Odds”

  1. I found this site looking for the Hope 4 Cancer Clinic. I called today and spoke with Gabriella and Claudette about becoming a patient for the treatment of Lyme’s Disease. I listened to the # 4 video by Ty Bollinger “The Truth About Cancer” series and learned about Trina Hammack in her testimony interview at the clinic. She stated she healed herself of Lyme’s Disease in the brain. That caught my attention and put me to search for the clinic and Trina.
    I am hoping to be able to reach out to Trina in regards to her healing the Lyme’s Disease that was affecting her brain. I would dearly like to talk with her in regards to similarities to do with the symptoms I have, etc. When I can afford to go to the clinic for treatments, I will make that happen. The staff did tell me that Trina used their treatments at the clinic for healing herself of Lyme’s. I am so thrilled to hear her testimony, it has given me hope in knowing that I can get help also.

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