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Hope Shines On C.W. Reed – Advanced Stage 4 Breast Cancer Patient

Naturopath Gets Cancer, Looks For an Answer

As a certified naturopath, C.W. was in tune with her body’s signals and signs. So when she discovered something unusual in her breasts she went to see her physician who ordered immediate scans. They would reveal that she had cancer, with tumors in both breasts.  She was a Stage 4 breast cancer patient, and something had to be done … now.

Watch C.W.’s Inspiring Video During Her 3-Month Booster Treatment

Doctors recommended surgery for removal of the tumors in both breasts, and she agreed. Though she refused chemotherapy and radiation, she did opt for the enhancement implants following surgery. C.W. went back to her normal routine a few months later.

Cancer Grows Past Breast Implants – Errors and Omissions

“In December 2012 I noticed that something was really looking ‘not quite right’ around the implants. There was marking going on, which I knew wasn’t normal,” shares C. W. “I came to the conclusion that the implants must be leaking or something.” C.W. found a different surgeon who discovered that there was a tumor that was pushing on the implants. This surgeon removed the implants, and informed her that these types of implants were never supposed to be placed in someone with the type of cancer that she had. Disheartened she went to visit a local oncologist, who did nothing to alleviate her concerns.

“Basically, he told me that he would have to remove the tumor, but that it would collapse my chest to the point that I wouldn’t have use of my right arm anymore,” says C.W. in a quiet voice.  “To make matters worse,” she continues, “I had these lesions that spread across my back and they wanted to cut them out over a span of 2 years.  I said ‘no thanks’ and got myself out of there fast.”

The Breast Cancer Organization states that more than 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S., as well as 57,650 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer. (

Cancer in its simplest form is made up of cells that have gotten their genetic “wires” crossed.  Instead of stopping at an appropriate time, their growth continues unchecked.  Despite billions invested in research over decades, researchers have very few productive clues on what triggers cells to malfunction. But when they do, it can be devastating.

Looking for an Answer …

By March 2013, C.W. knew that something had shifted in her body’s chemistry again as she was constantly winded and tired. She visited a naturopath who recommended a CAT scan, but the lesions on C.W.’s back were too painful for her to lie down, so she opted for a chest x-ray instead. The oncologist that read the results only berated her for not doing chemotherapy while she still ‘had a chance’, but C.W. knew that putting the chemicals into her body wasn’t the answer. But if it wasn’t the answer….what was?


… And Finding It in Hope4Cancer

Late one night, C.W. was wakened from a good sleep (which was rare enough those days). She felt compelled to go to her computer and continue her research on BX treatments that a friend had been telling her about.

Earlier that day she’d bookmarked the link and it was on this link that she clicked…only it didn’t go to the BX site that she’d been to earlier….it went to Hope4Cancer Clinic. “I know how it sounds, but literally I heard this voice in my head say ‘You need to go there!’” says C.W. excitedly.


Sneaking Out Some Lung Fluid ….

She continues, “I didn’t argue. I picked up the phone right then and I called. The next morning I spoke with Dr. Tony for a solid hour about everything.  He found out that I was having one of my lungs aspirated, as it had filled with fluid again, and he asked if I could send a sample of the fluid to him for testing. I promised I would, but when I went to have the procedure done the hospital wasn’t going to give me a sample to send!”

“So,” laughs C.W. “I took a sample when they weren’t looking and sent it on.” Dr. Tony took C.W.’s sample and was able to customize a vaccine (AARSOTA) that would enhance the other therapies that she would experience at the clinic in a few weeks.


Arriving at Hope4Cancer

C.W. arrived at the clinic on April 18th, 2013 and immediately felt ‘at home’. “The entire place looks like a spa and resort and it faces the ocean which makes for a very soothing atmosphere. Truly, it is a place of healing like no other.”

C.W. also credits her recovery on the BEST Healing program that patients take participate in while at the clinic. During this session, patients are asked to do some inner reflection and through guided, thought provoking questions, discover the mind/body connection to their cancer.

“The other thing that I really love about being here is that it is SAFE. So many people have skewed ideas about coming to Mexico for a cancer treatment, but I’m here to tell you that in no way do you ever feel as if you aren’t safe, or that you can’t walk around by yourself if you wanted.”


Cutting Edge Technology, No “Wonder Miracles”

C.W. also spoke about the technology and equipment in the facility. As a medical practitioner, herself, C.W. was amazed by the cutting edge methodology, equipment, and procedures. “No wonder miracles happen here,” she says.

C.W.’s treatment included hyperthermia treatments, Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, as well as other supplements and therapies designed to enhance the body’s own immunity. She will continue these therapies once she returns home. Most who experience these treatments say that the side effects are negligible and, when compared to chemotherapy, they are so much easier to handle.


Finally, Results Speak and a Glowing Tribute

After three weeks of treatment, C.W. had experienced a 30% reduction in the vascularity of the tumor with the tomography showing an almost total clearance of the cancer. The clinic has trained her during her stay on how to take care of herself once  she returns home.

When she returned for further treatments 3 months after her first round of treatments, she left with a 60% reduction in her tumors and a life-changing reduction in her inflammatory condition.  

“You don’t walk out of here until you know how to control any pain that you might have, and how to totally treat yourself when you leave,” shares C.W. beaming. “Everyone, from the cooks, to the people who clean our rooms, have a happy and positive outlook. You never see one of them unhappy…and that means a lot to those of us that have had to experience the opposite end of things in traditional hospitals.”

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