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Lemon Water: A Great Way to Start Your Anti-Cancer Day

When I think about some of the most powerful anti-cancer foods in our diet, I can’t help but give lemons the prize for being the most valuable fruit therapeutically.

No matter if you are following a ketogenic or pescaterian diet (both are recommended to cancer patients at Hope4Cancer), lemons are the most valuable fruit to have in your anti-cancer diet. They are power packed with: Vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, citric acid, and pectin fiber.

The benefits of lemon juice are almost countless. It:

Most people are surprised to hear that lemons are a great addition to an “alkaline” diet. Sure, they are acidic in nature (pH of 2-3), but once they are consumed, lemons are alkaline-forming. We know the power of an alkaline diet when healing cancer, so lemons are a key ingredient in our food preparation.

We don’t recommend that you consume lemonade though, because sugar is certainly not an anti-cancer ingredient. However, if you are selling lemonade to raise money for a cancer patient then that’s another matter altogether. Check out our recent post on Luke Engelman and his lemonade stand. He’s quite the young entrepreneur who is helping his mom pay for alternative cancer treatment at Hope4Cancer!

Recipe for Health

At Hope4Cancer, our patients start the day with the juice of half a lemon in a 4 oz. of lukewarm water. We suggest keeping lemons at room temperature and rolling the lemon around on a counter or table a few times before cutting in half. We like to use a lemon juice squeezer that captures the seeds.

We also suggest adding a pinch or more of cayenne pepper to the lemon water — it kicks this concoction up a notch and imparts additional health benefits. Cayenne increases metabolism, stimulates the circulatory system, improves cell structure of the arteries, and regulates blood flow to equalize pressure. It’s great for the stomach and intestinal tract as it helps with assimilation and elimination. Many people don’t realize that cayenne is also great for heartburn.

Start your day off right with lemon water. We think you’ll be amazed at how you feel after just two weeks of consistent consumption.

What health benefits of lemon water have you experienced? Tell us @Hope4CancerMex or comment on the blog!

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9 thoughts on “Lemon Water: A Great Way to Start Your Anti-Cancer Day

  1. I have stage 4 colon cancer. I feel great but the chemo is not working it is in my liver and lungs. I have a tumor in the stomach area not sure if it is cancer they are assuming it is because it wasn’t there before.

  2. I read so much about ketogenic diets in treatment of cancer. This does not seem to be the route Hope4Cancer takes. Can you address ketogenic diets as a way to starve cancer or do you feel it is not useful at all

    1. Our work with each patient to meet their various dietary needs. At the center of every patient’s healing plan at Hope4Cancer is a personalized diet plan. The ultimate goal of our full-spectrum nutrition program is to help our patients focus on healing and support their nutritional needs when back home. At Hope4Cancer, we know that nutrition, including an alkaline diet, can help your body heal itself naturally.

  3. Hi can get some info on a diet for my 4 year old daughter who has a tumor In her pelvis please ..she is starting back eating and not sure what to give her

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