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Five Years In Remission From Breast Cancer

Five Years in Remission From Stage 3 Breast Cancer

People come to Hope4Cancer from a variety of circumstances but with a single purpose – to find the hope they need in their battle against cancer.  Some people reach out to us after they have tried everything, while a smaller number reach out at the very beginning.  Then there are those who have benefited from conventional treatment but are under no illusion of the future ahead of them if they do not take proactive action.  Sherry was one of the latter.

When Sherry Barry was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer (HER2 Positive Ductal Carcinoma), she initially chose to go through surgery and chemotherapy.  As she recovered from the shock of the diagnosis and underwent her therapy, it struck her to talk to her old time friend, Dr. Jimenez’s wife, Marcy.  She had heard about Dr. Jimenez’s reputation as a well-known alternative cancer physician, and reached out for some direction on what to do next.


Fighting Breast Cancer With Alternative Treatments

She was determined not to let the cancer come back, at the same time she did not want to have to suffer through the serious quality of life issues that she had heard were common place for people going through long term adjuvant hormone therapy, as they tried to keep the cancer at bay.   She decided instead to embrace Hope4Cancer’s treatments completely and immediately.

WHERE THE PRICE OF SUCCESS IS FAILURE.  The use of adjuvant chemotherapy over long periods of time can destroy quality of life without yielding any tangible results. One of the core principles of treatment at Hope4Cancer is the use of Non-Toxic therapies. You can find out more about Non-Toxic Cancer Therapies by clicking here.

Today Sherry is alive and well and continues to be in full remission.  She hasn’t even missed a day of work.  At her job, she enjoys making a difference by helping people find comfortable nursing facilities after they have suffered through life-altering illnesses or old age.  She is reminded everyday that, not too long ago, she was able to pull herself away from the precipice and reclaim her life completely and she remains grateful to Hope4Cancer for giving her that second chance.


Sherry’s Interview

We interviewed Sherry and this is what she had to say:

1. How did you find out that you had cancer?  What was the diagnosis?

In 2008, I found out I had cancer through a routine mammogram- totally a shock.  After a needle biopsy I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma- stage III HER2 positive.

2.    What made you decide to choose alternative treatments instead of ongoing conventional treatments?

I simply did the alternative treatment that Dr. Jimenez sent me – I trusted him and Marcy and took whatever they sent me, knowing that they will not lead me wrong.

3.    How was your clinic experience like?

When I visited the clinic I felt safe, comfortable and well taken care of. It was a feeling of peace and hope.

There were other patients there that were going through the same thing where their lives had suddenly changed from the diagnosis of cancer.  Getting to know them gave me additional strength and support to fight the battle.

4.   What were your thoughts about the medical attention you received while at the clinic?

Dr. Jimenez has a hands-on approach with his patients.  He listens, spends as much time as needed with each patient and is not worried about watching the clock – he is there for the patients always.  You simply cannot see this elsewhere.

5.    After you came back home, what are some things you needed to change to accommodate your treatment program?

I didn’t have to change anything with the treatment that Dr. Jimenez prescribed for me!  I continued to work and didn’t miss a day of work.  I stayed very healthy through my treatment program.

6.    Tell us about the discipline it has taken over the last few years to stay consistent with every aspect of the program.  How have you kept yourself motivated and on task?

The motivation to stay in remission has kept me on task and a little of Dr. Jimenez sitting on my shoulder saying – that isn’t good for you- LOL.

7.    How has the Hope4Cancer team helped you over this long journey?

They have been very supportive, kept me informed of changes in treatment plans, they are just a phone call away and always there as questions arise.

8. Are there any regrets about any of the treatment choices you have made?

With doing both treatments I don’t regret either since I am in remission.  My conventional treatment cost me a lot of money even after insurance payments.  The costs were in the form of deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, medication, time away from work going to treatment and travel time to the physician.  Hope4Cancer treatments in contrast, were a lot simpler to deal with, I could do them at home and I knew they were keeping toxicity away from my body.

9. What advice would you give a patient trying to choose between conventional and alternative cancer treatments?

I would tell them of my success with alternative treatment. With the conventional treatment I was in pain for days after the treatment, very tired.  I had to deal with hair loss and the double mastectomy- my whole life changed with just a few words from the doctor. I would not hesitate again to take the alternative treatment at Hope4Cancer. I would tell a patient to talk to Dr. Jimenez and other people who have gone through this type of treatment, but to remember I am in remission because of it.

10. Sometimes the fear of the unknown influences how people make healthcare decisions.  How did you come to grip with the fact that you were “taking a chance”?

Life is a chance – you make decisions every day that are chances but you have to have faith and know that you made the right decision to chose alternative treatments. It is a very personal decision because it affects your life.  There are so many unknowns every day in our life and again you have to believe and know that this is the right chance to save your life.

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