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Holiday Message From Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers

A Special Holiday Message From Your Family At Hope4Cancer

Many Blessings For a Joyous Holiday Season and A Happy New Year Full of Health and Happiness

Dear Patients, Friends and Family,

We wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year full of hope and the expectation of many of your dreams coming true!

For all of us at Hope4Cancer, 2013 has been a busy, productive and literally amazing year!  We have probably seen more of our patients succeed this year than we have ever seen in the past – a brilliant testimony to the ever-growing strength of our treatment protocols under Dr. Jimenez’s indefatigable leadership.  Rivi Litvin’s amazing victory against advanced bile duct cancer (click here to read her story and watch her video) was an example of some of the excellent results we could deliver to our patients and a testimony to their strength of character. Like Santa’s little elves, every member of the Hope4Cancer team has worked hard throughout the year, often round-the-clock, with the mission of helping those who come to us seeking for our help in their biggest time of need.  In fact, Hope4Cancer remains open throughout the holiday season, because we know that cancer does not know the difference.

That being said, even though cancer is so deeply ingrained into the fabric of our everyday lives, it is as much a time for us, as it is for you, to look past the misery that this disease creates around us and instead reflect upon the wonderful lives we have been blessed with – our family, our friends and our ability to make an impact on the lives of others.  The blessings are abundant, and we pray that same feeling of abundance upon you.

We continue to work in the foreground and the background to make Hope4Cancer the unrivaled destination for cancer patients.  In 2013, we have introduced new treatments such as Thymus Extract Therapy and several new intravenous options that have diversified our platform even further.  Over the year, we have been developing a patient communication web portal that is now in beta test mode with a few patients.  We expect to be able to open the system for all new patients starting 2014, and then work back to include patients who are working with our Home Program Support (HPS) team.  This system will allow patients to access their records and instructions from their own personalized web-based portal and communicate directly with the HPS team within the system.  We believe that this transparency will allow our team to work more efficiently with our patients, as we empower them to make more solid, timely and future-oriented treatment decisions.

Our patients continue to approach us from dozens of countries from around the world looking for a beacon of hope when all of the other lights go dim.  In our quest of excellence in the field of holistic cancer medicine, we look forward to 2014 where we plan to make some of the biggest improvements we have ever implemented in the history of Hope4Cancer.  Stay tuned to our website, newsletter and social channels as we keep you informed of the latest trends in cancer medicine that we are adopting at Hope4Cancer and new all-around improvements in treatments and in-patient care.

In the meantime, from Dr. Tony Jimenez and his Hope4Cancer Team, we wish you all a joyful and memorable holiday season.  As we all spend the time to appreciate and acknowledge the people in our lives, we wish to acknowledge all of you who give us the inspiration to continue to work hard everyday.

Many Blessings!

The Hope4Cancer Team

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