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Mother-Daughter Role Reversal: A Breast Cancer Story

Mother-Daughter Role Reversal:  A Breast Cancer Story

“I will never forget that phone call when Mom told me that the lumps she’d found were cancer,” remarks Anna about her mother, Tamara.  A simple breast self-exam had caused concern for Tamara, and six weeks later her concerns were confirmed.   In that moment when everything changed, she started discovering a new role for herself in her mother’s life.

“My mother has always been a no-nonsense kind of person, so once we were over the shock we started to work,” shares Anna, who had to travel many miles from Australia to be with her mother.  Tamara’s own doctors recommended radical mastectomy followed by many months of chemotherapy.  Being unable to accept that, Anna and Tamara refused that route of treatment.

Anna would find out that many of the people in the USA who seek medical treatment outside the country do so for cancer-related illnesses. What this would seem to indicate is a growing disquiet with traditional methods of treatment for cancer.


Getting to Work

When family members learn of a serious illness to a near and dear one, such as Anna did, it is common to feel a sense of helplessness.  Overcoming helplessness by action, Anna and her mother researched many alternative medical professionals. After narrowing it down to two doctors, they decided on Dr. Antonio Jimenez, Founder and Medical Director of Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers in Tijuana, Mexico.

They found that Dr. Jimenez had great success in treating breast cancer, and many of his patients had remained healthy and continued to remain in remission for many years. The ability for patients to live a much better quality of life using Hope4Cancer’s alternative methods instead of conventional treatments is a big plus in itself.


Discovering and Falling in Love With Hope4Cancer

Traveling to Mexico with her mother, Anna was astounded that the center not only allowed, but actually encouraged, her to stay on the premises with her mother throughout the entire 3-week treatment period.  She wasn’t sure what to expect, but the staff were warm and friendly, and encouraged her to talk about her feelings and her experiences.  Her mother, Tamara, got to make friends with other patients and together they helped uplift each other’s spirits. Finding the support for what she was going through, and speaking with others who were in similar care-giving situations, encouraged Anna and made her feel secure in the choice that they had made.


Dr. Jimenez, The Difference Maker

Anna had learned that Dr. Jimenez was known as the world’s leading expert in Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, but what she did not realize was how personable and accessible he made himself.

“We do our best to help our patients and their families realize that we are partnering with them in this restorative therapy,” shares Dr. Jimenez. “In particular, we like to find that one member in the family who will take upon themselves the role of the caregiver and communicator.  This is as important as any of our treatments.   Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy is, of course, a great way of fighting cancer cells directly without the use of toxic chemotherapy agents.  This treatment is provided to most of our patients in combination with other treatments in accordance with our Seven Principles of Cancer Therapy. In addition to all the therapies we can provide, one very important component in the healing program is that the patient feels cared for and loved by my staff, my doctors and myself. The fact is that Hope4Cancer is a labor of love for all of us.  We work and live for our patients, and nothing gives us more pleasure than to share in and be a part of their victory against cancer.  We admire the family members who stand up and join us in the fight.”


Nothing Speaks Louder Than Results

Anna was astounded to learn at the end of Tamara’s treatment that the vascularity (blood flow) in her breast cancer tumor had reduced by nearly 60%. It was a moment of truth – no other doctors had ever given them such an optimistic outlook for Tamara as had been demonstrated to them in a mere three weeks.

Tamara’s treatment included Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, hyperthermia, cancer vaccines, IV therapy, and a full line of immune support and detox programs.  Anna is confident that her mother is on the road to recovery and will be flying back to Australia shortly, having the peace of mind that her doctors and caregivers in the USA will be able to now provide the care her mother needs and deserves, in coordination with the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.


An Attention to Detail and Going the Extra Mile

Anna remarked that the food at the clinic was top notch and not only nutritious but all organic and healthy. No traditional hospital fare here. Fresh foods were always available to them at any time.

Just as they would care for the patients, the staff look out for the companion’s well-being as well.  “I actually caught a little cold while I was there and the staff didn’t even blink an eye. They treated me and soon I was good as new. Most hospitals in the states would not have done that.”

Anna’s mother continues to make great strides in her recovery at home, and she credits that to the excellent care that they received at the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers. Tamara plans to return to the clinic in the future for follow up, looking forward to the experience instead of dreading it.  It will be like visiting cherished friends. As a daughter watching her mother going through this phase in her life, her gratitude goes out to the clinic for giving them hope and a new lease on life together.


Love is Sacrificial

Dr. Jimenez says, “As we treat patients every day, we often see a role reversal where a son or daughter suddenly finds themselves in a position of responsibility for a parent who had, until not too long ago, been their steady rock.   To see Anna unify with her mother, Tamara, in their fight against their common enemy was indeed a sight to behold and a testament to the core family values that we ourselves practice in our everyday lives.  In a time when family values have taken a back seat in an aggressive, individual-oriented world, it relieves my heart to see what Anna is willing to do for Tamara.  I hope that people do not wait for a disease like cancer to strike to bring out what they may have buried deep in their heart – their sacrificial love towards one another.”

(This article was written based on an interview between Anna and Tamara with a professional writer and is being published with the consent of the patient and her family.   All rights reserved, copyright Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers April 2013.)

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