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Breast Cancer Reversed

Breast Cancer Reversed: Tamara’s Story of Hope

Tamara was living her life in Illinois (USA) a happy and content part of her community. She loved spending time with her friends, enjoying the opportunities and events available in Chicago, and taking care of her health. As part of her usual routine, Tamara did her monthly breast self-exam and was concerned to find what appeared to be two lumps; one in each breast. She shared her concern with her local physician who immediately scheduled her for radiology. The results came back and the news returned: Tamara had been diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer.


The Aftermath of the Cancer Diagnosis

“When you first receive the information that you have cancer, you wonder what the best thing to do is. All of my regular doctors recommended the usual assault which included a radical mastectomy (I had lumps in both breasts) followed by many months of chemotherapy.  I called my daughter, Anna, and the two of us started researching natural cancer treatments right away.”   Tamara needed to feel in control of her own recovery and part of that included deciding the course of treatment and the doctor and clinic that she would be dealing with.

In 2011, according to US Cancer Statistics, an estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 57,650 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer. Tamara had done her research and while she learned that nearly 40,000 women would die from breast cancer in 2012, she was determined not to be a part of that club.


The Hunt for the Right Alternative Cancer Treatment Clinic

In her search for breast cancer treatment options she says, “We narrowed our search down to two possibilities:  one clinic was all the way in Mexico and the other was closer to home.”

Tamara and her daughter, Anna, visited both clinics, but simply fell in love with the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.  Aside from the warm and inviting, nurturing atmosphere of the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, Tamara and Anna were most impressed with its Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Antonio Jimenez.

Dr. Jimenez is one of the foremost practitioners and one of the world’s leading experts in the Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy method.  “Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy uses sound and light to stimulate a non-toxic sensitizer that is taken by mouth, under the tongue. The sensitizer penetrates into the cancer cells, and releases high energy free radical oxygen within them, destroying them.  Most patients don’t even know that this process is taking place since it is virtually painless, non-invasive and has little to no side-effects.”

Breast cancer is a devastating form of cancer that many women experience around the world in alarming rates. This is because many simply do not engage in breast self-exams, or do not know how to do it properly. Lifestyle, access to health care, and other factors often rob women of the chance for early detection, which offers the most hope for treatment.

Tamara had the recommended tests from her regular doctors, but refused to enter into their prescribed rounds of chemotherapy and surgery. She and Anna resolved that going to Mexico to the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers was their best bet.  Anna had recently read that despite the traditional treatments that most doctors recommend for patients with similar cancers, the survival rates weren’t all that great.  In fact, she would go on to learn that despite all of the money spent by cancer patients each year, only less than half would survive their cancer.


Natural Cancer Treatments at the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers

Traveling from Chicago, Illinois with her daughter, Anna, Tamara finally arrived at the clinic to start her treatments. “What really sold me on the clinic was the fact that they urged me to have someone with me during my treatments. It was like they understood and cared that I have someone with me to go through this time so that I wouldn’t go through it alone. Having my daughter there with me, I think, made a huge difference. And she was able to stay with me, right there, in the clinic.”

Tamara was shocked to learn from other patients at the clinic that many of them were coming to Dr. Jimenez after traditional medicine had failed them, and they were experiencing success for the first time, some of them, in many months.

At the clinic, Tamara underwent Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy in addition to several other therapies and was simply amazed that just after three weeks the blood flow (vascularity) in her tumors had reduced by 60%. “Though I did feel a little weak at times during the treatments, I know that it is nothing like the side effects that you have when undergoing chemotherapy,” smiles Tamara.


A Staff That Goes the Extra Mile

Tamara was glowing as she recounts how well she was treated at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers. She recounts how her daughter, who had come all the way from Australia to be with her during her treatment, came down with a slight cold. The staff and clinic treated her cold for her so that she didn’t have to leave her mother’s side at all.

Both Anna and Tamara were blown away by the attention to every detail and the all-natural, organic foods provided for them at any time of the day or night.  Anna shares that at one point her mother simply didn’t feel like eating what had been prepared. The staff spoke with her and they specially made her something that she liked better. “What doctor or hospital does that anymore? Again, and again, I am more than confident that we made the right choice by coming here.”

Dr. Jimenez shares, “Part of my professional duty (and my human duty) is to always offer the best of myself and the best of non-toxic, effective medicine from around the world. I am constantly training and exploring new options and techniques for combating this disease. But in the end,” he smiles, “it is a team effort. The patient, my medical team and staff, and the patient’s family, we all work together to restore health back to the patient.” Dr. Jimenez is pleased to report that compared to traditional medicine, the return rate for his patients is lower than those receiving treatments from traditional methods.


Returning Home, Content and Happy

Tamara and Anna have returned home to Chicago, but will continue to keep in close contact with the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers Home Program Support team. The staff have promised Anna that if at any time she has questions or concerns that she should call them. And Anna knows that they mean it. “How many hospitals can you call and actually speak directly with the person you need to speak to? No phone trees, no putting you on hold. This is the way things should be.

Tamara continues to recover at her home in the US, working in tandem with her regular doctors and the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers. Her daughter, Anna was so thrilled with her mother’s recovery that she felt that it was all right to return to Australia, where she now lives. Tamara remarks that she can’t thank Dr. Jimenez enough for giving her the tools to fight back against the cancer.  She feels her faith and hope restored for a bright future ahead of her.

(This text is based on a phone interview between Tamara and her daughter, Anna, with a professional writer.  The story and her photograph is published with the written consent of the patient.  Copyright: Hope4Cancer 2013, no reprints or re-impressions allowed without permission).

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