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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Hope4Cancer. If you have additional questions or need clarification, please contact your admissions counselor who will be glad to help you.

Is traveling to Mexico safe?

If you’re concerned about traveling to Mexico, there’s no need to worry. Traveling across the border is easier than you may think. Like any other country, Mexico has its rough neighborhoods and issues. However, our centers are in safe areas on either coastline. Since we began operations in 2000, we haven’t had a single incident related to patient travel.

What travel documents do I need?

Regardless of your citizenship, you’ll need a valid passport for your stay. If you’re flying into Cancun or Tijuana airports, you must have a regular passport on hand. If you’re flying into San Diego airport and driving across the border, either regular passports or passport cards will suffice. (You will need to purchase a $25 permit per person at the land border, not required if you are flying into the Mexico airports). If you are not a citizen of U.S.A. or Canada and have any doubts about your travel requirements, please contact your local Mexican embassy or consulate.

When should I book my incoming and outgoing flights?

Please plan to arrive as early as possible on your scheduled arrival date – no later than 5 PM. Your outgoing flight should not be any earlier than 11:30 AM on your date of departure. Please coordinate with your admissions counselor on the date and time of your arrival, as well as your pickup location. We will arrange any necessary accommodations.

How do I get to the center?

Tijuana patients:
Most of our patients fly into San Diego International Airport (SAN). Our private transportation service will pick you up from the airport or a pre-determined location in San Diego, help you secure your visitor’s permit at the border, and drive you to the center (or hotel if you are an outpatient). If you are an outpatient, we will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and drop you off at the end of your treatment day.

Cancun patients:
Cancun is a 100% outpatient facility. We provide transportation from the airport via our private transportation service. We also ensure back and forth transportation between your hotel and the treatment center, as well as transportation for your departure.

What is a Visitor Permit?

This is a permit needed to stay in Mexico for any patient (and companion) staying for longer than one week. The driver stops at the border on arrival to pick up the permit, which costs $25 per person. The permit is not required if you are arriving at a Mexican airport.

I am an outpatient. Do I need to make my own hotel reservations?

If you’re an outpatient, your admissions counselor will help you book a hotel room in advance.

Can I bring a companion with me?

Not only do we allow a companion, we encourage it! Tijuana treatment cost covers lodging (shared room) and boarding for patients and one companion. Cancun treatment cost includes only lodging for patients and one companion in a shared hotel room.

Can different companions visit during my stay?

Yes, but only one at a time, please. For Tijuana in-patients, only one person can stay in the patient room 24/7. Other visitors are welcome to visit during the day. For outpatients, we book hotel rooms assuming double occupancy. Additional visitors must rent additional rooms or pay extra fees according to hotel policy. If you are bringing multiple family members or friends, please let your admissions counselor know. This way, we can help you coordinate any special arrangements.

Can I use my medical insurance to pay for my treatments?

Most traditional and government health insurance policies don’t cover cost outside the country of origin. However, there are still many ways to cover the cost of treatment. Please click here to learn more about our financial resources.

Do I need special electrical adaptors / converters?

Our electrical outlets are the same standards used in the United States and Canada. If you’re traveling from countries outside North America, please bring the appropriate converters/adaptors for United States standards.

Do I need an international plan for my cell phone service?

We recommend getting an international plan to avoid excessive international call/text charges. However, we do have Wi-Fi throughout our facilities, which will allow you to use third party apps. *Please note that connection may not always be reliable.

Can I stay connected to my work while at the center?

Many patients and companions understandably need to stay connected to work. You are welcome to use our facility Wi-Fi networks to stay connected to the internet. For outpatients, individual hotels also typically have Wi-Fi availability at an additional charge.

What do I pack?

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing to wear during treatments, appropriate to the current weather. While the climate is typically comfortable, it can get chilly in the mornings and evenings, especially during winter. Please prepare to dress in layers in case it gets brisk. Laundry facilities are available at both centers (complimentary at Tijuana, at an additional charge at the hotel in Cancun).

Should I bring my current medication / supplements?

You should bring a 3-4 week supply of your current medications and/or supplements with you. Please discuss your current prescriptions with your doctors to ensure that any necessary dosage adjustments are made.

Are previous medical records required?

Yes, we do require up-to-date medical records for admission. This includes but isn’t limited to your most recent lab, biopsy, pathology, and imaging reports for the last three months. Access to medical history allows us to establish a baseline, measure improvement, and create a more complete chart.

Can your medications be shipped to you in the United States or other countries?

Every country has its own regulations that allow or disallow the shipment of certain medical products. We will ship any products, supplements, and medications that are permissible within the governing laws of the countries involved. You will need to take any other products on your person along with a prescription. Please note that you’ll need to account for enough room in your suitcase to carry back your supplies.

What about perishable medical products?

Certain medical products require packing with ice or dry ice for preservation during travel. We will provide specific instructions at the time of departure to ensure the integrity of your medical products.

Do you have a home program?

Yes. Your treatment cost covers up to one year of our home program. This includes treatments and supplements (cost-inclusive supply periods vary from one month to one year for individual treatments/supplements); weekly calls for three months followed by monthly calls for the rest of the year; and year-round email and phone access during operation hours (Mon-Sat).
Please be aware that our home program support team is not an emergency hotline. In the event of an emergency, please visit your emergency health provider and keep us informed as soon as possible. We also recommend that you maintain a good relationship with your primary care provider/oncologist to ensure that you can continue getting lab and imaging tests covered by insurance.

How do I do my therapies at home?

We will train you and your companion on the use of various treatments during your stay. You’ll also have access to educational videos and our home program support team in case you need a refresher or have questions.

Once I return home, who can I call if I have a question?

Please call or email our home program support team. They are available six days a week (Mon – Sat) to answer your questions. We will provide you with access information at discharge.

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