Cory and Kate's Cancer Patient Journey

Follow Cory and Kate's cancer journey below.

When Cory was diagnosed with testicular cancer in March 2016, he and his wife, Kate, believed treatment would be simple enough. Confident in their team of oncologists, Cory underwent surgery to remove the tumor and the couple was reassured that the procedure was a success. Unfortunately, two years later, a routine scan would reveal otherwise…

A Shocking Setback: Multiple Metastases

After discovering two of his lymph nodes were enlarged, Cory went through multiple biopsies and scans only to receive harrowing news. Not only had the original cancer metastasized, but he had also developed follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an infamously “incurable” disease. Due to its rarity and severity, Cory was recommended a rigorous chemotherapy program. “It was an awful experience… I was [undergoing chemo] 5-6 hours a day, 5 days a week, sometimes ending up in the ER with potential blood clots in my lungs,” he recalls.

But despite intensive chemotherapy, the cancer persisted. In February 2019, another follow-up scan revealed the disease had spread to several sites, including both of Cory’s lungs, lymph nodes in his chest, and under his arms. It was at that point that Kate and Cory finally decided enough was enough.

Answered Prayers, Lifted Burdens

Feeling that the limited options traditional medicine had offered Cory were neither appealing nor effective, Kate began researching how to strengthen the body while undergoing cancer treatment. Soon enough, her research led her to Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, and the couple immediately felt their prayers had been answered. From the moment they stepped foot in Hope4Cancer Cancun, Cory remembers feeling a renewed sense of peace:

“It was the biggest boost of confidence to hear other patients’ stories of recovery. I was optimistic and hopeful again, and I worked that much harder in my own treatment. I finally knew [healing] was attainable.”

Equipped with newfound knowledge and restored energy levels, Cory returned home determined to make the lifestyle changes necessary to both survive and thrive. Within just two months, he received the miraculous news that he and Kate once thought they might never hear: on May 22nd, 2019, three years after his original diagnosis, Cory’s follow up scan revealed no evidence of disease.

Cory’s extraordinary recovery is one of many inspiring Hope4Cancer testimonies that prove no matter the diagnosis or circumstance, there is always hope. To learn more about what’s possible for you, schedule a free consultation with one of our patient advisors today, and be sure to watch the rest of the Meuller’s full patient testimony in the video below.

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