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A Special Message of Thanks from our CEO

Thank you all for a wonderful (albeit challenging) year!

2020 had surprises in store for all of us, but I feel that we owe this year some gratitude for the important life lessons that we learned and will carry into 2021.

This year was one that undoubtedly underlined the importance of our core values. We always knew they were important and that they led us in all that we do and stand for, but this year put them to the test — and we’re so grateful that they served us very well.

Love: 2020 helped us wake up from taking both small and large things for granted (need I mention toilet paper?). We learned that above all, our love for God, our family and friends, and our patients are the most important things to focus on. Our H4C family showed unending love for each other as they initiated new ways of working together, and somehow even those who were physically apart found ways to be more emotionally connected. Some found love in day-to-day acts of support; for instance, when a teammate took another’s shift so they could attend to family matters. Others found an outlet in giving, and realized how important it feels to give when times became so uncertain. The love our team showed to new patients and returning patients was unsurpassed, knowing these people overcame uncharted challenges to travel and be welcomed into our safe haven. Our H4C family has always been known for loving deeply, and this was witnessed time and time again as they (and their supportive families) made personal sacrifices, all while they performed their jobs with love in their hearts.

Faith: Through our faith in Jesus, we were able to achieve success during such a historically difficult time. I believe that he held us tightly as we maneuvered through a pandemic, floods, hurricanes, and more world challenges. We witnessed patients learn of faith right inside our clinics, changing their lives forever. With faith as our foundation and through God, we know we will continue to be blessed in 2021 and beyond.

Hope: A pillar in our core values that we share with all who we encounter, Hope is given freely at Hope4Cancer. 2020 gave us the opportunity to share hope not only with our patients, but with each other. In uncertain times, we witnessed our employees sharing hope with each other, holding each other up — whether it was slipping someone encouragement in a note, offering a long hug, or a cute GIF text, we learned how to recognize a teammate in need and everyone did their part in raising spirits. This year we really learned how to provide care and support to each other with HOPE for brighter days ahead.

Generosity: Generosity took many forms this year! Across the board, we witnessed “time” being generously and mindfully given. We learned that some quiet, focused time with one another, or a patient, is healing for both parties. We saw patients unselfishly giving time to others as they navigated through their own healing path. We saw encouragement given to both patients and co-workers continuously. We saw the sharing of knowledge and ideas, to better the care of those who come to us. We saw long, long hours of work, willingly done because we knew that someone’s life depended on it. We witnessed ripples of generosity in the H4C family that turned into large waves as we moved through this amazing year.

It is with so much gratitude and love that I personally would like to say thank you, to our patients who have trusted and given us the opportunity to serve you. May you spend many wonderful days with your family and friends during this holiday season. You always remain in our thoughts and prayers.

I am in awe of the magnificent family we have here. You all showed unparalleled courage and resilience this past year and our thanks is simply not enough. You are a force made of Love, Faith, Hope and Generosity, and I am humbled by each and every one of you.

Thank you for an incredible, unforgettable year! May you and your families be blessed in 2021 and beyond.

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4 thoughts on “A Special Message of Thanks from our CEO

  1. Beautiful! Uplifting! Encouraging!

    Thank you for your well-spoken words of Truth.

    I am a metastatic breast cancer patient, (5 years alive, thanks be to God!), but due to a recurrence, just arrived home from having had a lumpectomy.

    I read your letter with a heart to receive “good news”…thanks so much!

    I have been on your mailing list since first discovering you in my own backyard (we live in Orange County, a stone’s throw away), and am just grateful to know of the wonderful work you do, in the name of our Lord.

    I hope I never need you, but I’m glad you are there!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and your unending support. It truly means so much to us. Sending you prayers for your health and wellness.

  2. My breast cancer was caught in time but I still feel there is so much more that needs to be done. Your clinic offer all alternatives that I am interested in. Living in North America and feeling good is it possible to take part in your therapy from a far. Do blood work testing online due to the virus as well.

    1. We are so happy to hear that you are doing well considering everything you have been up against. For more details on our treatments that are not listed on our website, I would highly recommend Dr. Tony’s book! It is a wonderful information source and guidebook to many questions you may have. You can order the book here

      Many patients when they are unable to travel for care at our facilities, we refer them to where they can look up local treatment if any that are available in their area.

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