Patient Testimonials

Journeys of Hope and Healing

At Hope4Cancer, we’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of cancer patients on their road to recovery. From prevention to a Stage IV diagnoses, we’ve been inspired by our patients’ steadfast dedication to healing and living their best lives. We’ve seen even the most dire cases reach and stay in remission with our treatments, creating a domino effect of hope and acceptance throughout our clinics daily. These are just a few of the inspirational stories we’ve witnessed firsthand at H4C.


Lisa Englemans Survivor Story

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Lisa's Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor Story

Life is a gift. Not just the years, but the minutes. I breathe more deeply and carry less heartache inside. I do not see my days as boxes to be filled on a calendar, but days to keep flexible, to be fully present in each moment whether I am pushing my little ones on the swings at the park, or sitting on the backyard swing at night with my husband.

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Julie's Breast Cancer Survivor Story

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Julie's Breast Cancer Survivor Story

My doctors were telling me, Hurry up. Make a decision. You need surgery. You need radiation so it does not get worse. This was something I could handle if I would get moving on it. But no prognosis. They were confident we caught it early and with treatment I could live a healthy life.

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Trina Hammacks Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Survivor Story

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Trina's Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Survivor Story

I knew deep within my bones that chemo would kill me and that I would rather die than take that path. I had a young son and I especially needed to listen to that still voice within my heart, so I could choose the correct path so I could be there for him.

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Betsy's Ovarian Cancer Survivor Testimonial

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Betsy's Ovarian Cancer Survivor Story

All I knew was the standard conventional therapy. My career in the pharmaceutical industry for 14 years had trained my mind to only understand and believe in gold standard clinical research… But I knew somewhere in my heart that there had to be another answer to dying of chemo and side effects slowly over a year or more… I knew my God was bigger!

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Linda's Cancer Survivor Story

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Linda's Cancer Liposarcoma Survivor Story

A cancer diagnosis is scary for anyone. When you hear your doctor say, “There is a very large something in your abdomen and it is very likely a sarcoma,” your world just kind of stops. I was at work when I got the call.

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Cancer Survivor Stories

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Tammy's Breast Cancer Survivor Story

Through this experience I’ve learned that our bodies are amazing! That it can heal and do amazing things if we listen to it. That cancer is not a death diagnosis, it means the body is out of balance so lets find the imbalance and repair it so the body can repair itself. Cancer can’t live in a balanced body.

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