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7 Reasons Why SPDT Is the Natural Choice for Cancer

Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers is well known as a clinic in Mexico that has defined the leading edge of non-toxic cancer therapies. For about a decade now, Hope4Cancer has offered Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) as one of its key therapies. Dr. Antonio Jimenez, the Medical Director of Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, is one of the three worldwide pioneers of this method, and the only one in the Americas.

So What is Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) Anyway?

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy is a combination of two distinct therapies that share a common mechanism of action: Photo Dynamic Therapy and Sono Dynamic Therapy.  These therapies use light (photo) and sound (sono) to activate a sono-photosensitizer substance that preferentially absorbs into cancer cells and destroys them.

Both these methods have many  studies that scientifically validate their effectiveness as cancer fighting therapies.  Photo Dynamic Therapy, in particular, has been used for over a century in mainstream medicine. However, the popularity of chemotherapy and radiation, and only limited studies on Sono and Photo Dynamic Therapy, have ensured that these therapies have remained below their possible potential.

It is the combined use of these methods with an integrated whole body therapy approach that makes Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy a powerful tool against cancer.  Dr. Jimenez’s Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy provides the necessary framework to maximize the effectiveness of these therapies, without unnecessarily adding toxicity to an already stressed body.

Key Benefits of Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

The accepted non-surgical standard of care for cancer today consists primarily of chemotherapy and radiation. The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation are well known, leading to an increased toxic burden on the body and a suppressed immune system.

These therapies are primarily cellular poisons, that affect both healthy and cancerous cells with very narrow therapeutic windows if any. In addition to that, chemotherapy and radiation have been proven to stimulate cancer stem cells, the core cells in a tumor that accelerate growth and resistance to therapies, leading to more aggressive, resurgent cancers.

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy has distinct advantages over chemotherapy and radiation:

1.  Non-Toxic: Does Not Harm Healthy Cells, Tissues and Organs.  The sono-photosensitizer used in Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy is non-toxic. The light and sound frequencies used also do not cause any adverse events, making the therapy an extremely safe therapy with a large therapeutic window.

2. Prolonged Use is Possible Without Negative Effects.   No residual negative effects or loss of effectiveness have been observed clinically even when Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy is used over several years of treatment.

3. Completely Non-Invasive, No Needles or Other Traumatic Experiences. The sono-photosensitizer is administered sublingually (under the tongue) from where it absorbs into the blood stream. The light and sound frequencies are provided externally.  There is no need for any traumatic or painful procedures.

4. Strengthens Body’s Internal Defenses.  Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy recruits the body’s immune system cells to take active part in the cancer fighting process.  Chemo and radiation tend to do the reverse, i.e. suppress the immune system.

5. Clinically Proven to Cut Off Blood Supply to Tumors.  Ultrasound studies have shown that Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy reduces blood flow to tumors, cutting off nutritional supply to large parts of the tumor.

6. Works for Both Localized and Metastatic Tumors.  Hope4Cancer’s methods ensure that our light and sound devices impact the cancer patient both locally as well as systemically (all over the body).  Systemic therapy, if needed, can help treat metastatic focus areas.

7. Works for Both Superficial and Deep Seated Tumors.  Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy devices are designed to deliver activating frequencies that penetrate to different depths in the body.  One of the biggest criticisms of Photo Dynamic Therapy is that it works only for superficial cancers, which is not an issue using Hope4Cancer’s optimized methods.


How Does Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy Work?

Hope4Cancer’s proprietary oral, non-toxic sensitizer uses specific sound and light energies to activate oxygen into a form of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

ROS causes the cell to undergo cell death (apoptosis or necrosis), and disrupts the angiogenic tumor blood supply. The ensuing inflammation triggers the activation of the immune system that further participates in destroying the tumor.

Additionally, SPDT is also known to destroy pathogenic microbes.


 Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy Success Stories

SPDT has resulted in many  positively patient responses to the therapy, even when recovering from Stage IV cancers.  Below are some testimonials of SPDT patients who have given us permission  to share their results to illustrate the efficacy of this treatment.  Click the link to learn more about the patient and their story:

SHERRY BARRY:  Over 5 Years in Remission from Stage 3 Breast Cancer

TRINA HAMMACK:  Over 5 Years Cancer-Free from Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

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4 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why SPDT Is the Natural Choice for Cancer

  1. How long does the SPDT therapy take,
    and is something you can at home after leaving the clinic?

    1. Hello Mike and thank you for reaching out. SPDT is a therapy we do in our centers for our patients. Average patient stays at our facilities are 3 weeks followed by a home program that leaves with the patient upon completion of their stay. Patients return to the facility at the 3 month mark for a follow-up visit with lab work and assessments with their physician.

  2. I have Lyme and Chronic Candida and I’m wondering if you know of a practitioner that uses these for their patients or how someone could gain access to one? Thanks

    1. Thank you for reaching out. At this time we do not provide referrals but wish you the best of luck in your search and in your wellness!

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