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Patient Perspectives: How to Heal Breast Cancer Holistically

At Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, we are fortunate to help many breast cancer patients heal after being diagnosed from Stage 0-IV cancer. Many come to us after their cancer has returned or spread, after conventional cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation therapy have ravaged their bodies. Others come to us closer to their initial diagnosis, seeking to avoid conventional treatment methods and find a better way to heal from cancer. While we have many success stories from breast cancer patients who thrived despite a Stage IV diagnosis, our methods are even more impactful when a patient comes to us with a Stage 0, I, or II diagnosis. 

As part of our ongoing series of patient stories, I want to introduce a Stage IIA breast cancer patient who came to Hope4Cancer in May 2015 after a lumpectomy. Julie refused her oncologist’s recommendation for chemotherapy and radiation therapy in favor of a more holistic — mind, body, spirit — approach to healing her immune system and ridding her body of the cancer cells that were growing in her left breast. Julie completed a three-week in-patient protocol that we recommended based on our evaluation of the results from her Color Doppler Ultrasound, MRI, and a number of blood tests to evaluate her immune system and cancer markers. Julie is now participating in our home program and will return to Hope4Cancer quarterly for her follow-up visits. She has been very diligent in following our protocols at the clinic and at home, and she is well on her way to a healthier body that keeps cancer cells in check.

By Julie Edge, breast cancer patient, May 2015

When I was diagnosed with Stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma in my left breast on April 23, 2014, it came as a shock. I thought I was a pretty healthy 46-year-old. I ate healthy foods, exercised regularly, was emotionally stable, loved my job, and had a great family and life. There were few indicators that I was heading for a major life-altering moment, which came in the form of “I’m so sorry… you have breast cancer.”

The Conventional Approach

Even though I have always favored alternative over conventional medicine, my breast cancer diagnosis scared me enough to first seek care from the National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center in my hometown. I had worked with the Director of the Cancer Center before and thought his team would offer the best care in my region. Their commitment to research was attractive. However, soon I was sucked into the conventional cancer center mentality of “hurry up and make a life altering decision because you have cancer, and if you don’t, you’ll die.” Out of fear, I reluctantly agreed to a lumpectomy in June 2015 with the idea that if I got the 1.4 cm mass out of my breast then I could turn to alternative methods to complete my healing.

Cancer is a tricky disease and does not fight fair. Despite my doctor’s extensive tests, my cancer mass was not 1.4 cm, but rather 2.1 cm when it was removed with surgery. Plus, despite no indications physically, two out of four nodes had small cancer masses in them as well. I was faced with a new diagnosis of Stage IIA, and chemotherapy and radiation therapy were now part of my recommended treatment path. I knew that neither of those options were right for me. I just couldn’t get my head around nuking my breast, chest wall, lungs, and heart and poisoning my immune system to deal with the remaining cancer cells. I knew there had to be a better way — one that would work with my body, not against it.

Seeking An Alternative

My first stop after the conventional cancer system was a naturopathic oncologist that I found in Scottsdale, AZ. Under his care, I completed 36 IV-based treatments, such as high dose Vitamin C, mistletoe, chelation, ozonated blood, etc., and I changed my diet significantly. I thought I was well on my way to ridding myself of my cancer cells. A PET scan in December showed that I only had evidence of inflammation, not cancer cells, and I thought I had my life back.

However, lurking in my breast were cancer cells that had been spread by my lumpectomy surgery. They just needed some time to grow. My Scottsdale doctors thought the change in my breast tissue that started in December was scar tissue… and boy were they wrong. My non-toxic IV-based treatments alone weren’t enough to take care of it all. Plus, I really hadn’t dealt with the emotional factors related to my cancer. In other words, I still had healing work to do.

Not Done Yet

With the realization that I still had cancer cells growing in my breast, I chose not to return to conventional therapies. Rather, I knew that I needed a more comprehensive arsenal of alternative therapies, and that’s when God pointed me to Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers. I had stumbled upon their website in my original search for alternative therapies, but at the time, going to Mexico seemed a bit “out there.” I knew it was going to be hard to convince my family that I was going to refuse chemo and radiation and seek treatment in Mexico. Scottsdale, AZ, seemed a little less crazy at the time.

But now that I needed another round of treatment, I knew the only place to go was Mexico. I had learned that the Mexican Health Department allowed more cutting-edge alternative therapies that weren’t available in the United States. And I wanted the best non-toxic treatments available. So within three days of talking with Claudette, Hope4Cancer’s amazing patient consultant, I was on a plane to San Diego and was in the car headed over the border to Playas de Tijuana with Hope4Cancer’s compassionate driver, Jesus.

A New, More Comprehensive Plan

I’ll admit that the first few days at Hope4Cancer were overwhelming, and it was a bit of a culture shock. But I soon found the rhythm of the clinic and was quickly on my way to a healthier me. I was particularly pleased with the use of the Color Doppler Ultrasound test that detects the blood flow to the cancer cells. It was non-invasive, didn’t pump me full of radioactive substances, and gave a clear picture of what was going on in my breast. We established a great baseline to work from and a clear plan of action.

I found the doctors, nurses, and staff at Hope4Cancer to be caring and attentive. Everyone takes their job seriously, whether they are caring for a patient, cooking a meal, or cleaning the floor. It is a loving atmosphere and I felt truly cared for physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This was such a contrast to the sterile and cold hospitals and clinics in the conventional cancer system, where I felt like a number, not a person.

The Hope4Cancer experience is all inclusive. I didn’t have to worry about anything. My daily meals, laundry, room, and transportation were all taken care of by the Hope4Cancer Team. All I had to do was focus on healing. I started my therapies at 7:45am each morning and usually didn’t retire to my room until 6:30 or 7:00pm. It was a full day of IV’s (e.g., high dose Vitamin C, Double Helix Water, Laetrile-B17, and UVBI) plus hyperthermia, sound and light therapies, oxygen therapies, and emotional healing.

Results To Date

I’m happy to report that at the end of my three-week stay, my follow-up blood and ultrasound tests showed a huge difference! All of my cancer markers were in the normal range, and my follow-up Ultrasound test revealed a 90 percent reduction in blood flow to my cancer cells. In the picture below, you can see — the right side is my “before” and the left side is the “after.” I was awed and amazed that the therapies had been so effective in such a short time.

Next Steps

Now, I’m home and about 6 weeks into my Home Program. I do most of the heat, light, and sound therapies that I did at the clinic. Plus, I am on a personalized nutrition and supplement plan, and doing the AARSOTA Vaccine. In addition, I have added hydro-colonics to my weekly regiment and have continued my emotional healing with a local practitioner.

I’m certainly not out of the woods yet in terms of my breast cancer healing. My recovery is dependent on my ability to stay disciplined on my home treatments, my continued emotional healing, and a lot of patience. My weekly calls with Dr. Carlo Santiesteban help keep me on track. The clinic is only a phone call away when I’m confused or need to discuss a concern.

Cancer Thriving

I’m finding that healing from cancer is most definitely a journey, and there is no “express lane” when it comes to healing my body and immune system so that cancer cells can no longer take up residence. I’m thankful to have access to alternatives to the toxic conventional therapies. I just wish I had come to Hope4Cancer as soon as I was diagnosed!

I’d rather be called a “cancer thriver” than a “cancer survivor,” because I am confident that the non-toxic therapies offered by Hope4Cancer will not only help me to heal but also give me a much higher quality of life in the long-term. I’m going for cancer-free… not just remission, and I am thankful that Hope4Cancer is my healing partner! You can read more about my healing journey at

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