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Dr. Jimenez’s interview with Dr. Daniel Pompa

Exploring the Link Between Emotions and Cancer: Special Interview with Dr. Pompa

The link between emotions and cancer has been a well-documented fact for many years. Several studies have illustrated the overlap between physical and emotional processes in the brain. We also know that mental beliefs have a significant effect on the body’s physical response to treatment. When patients report higher happiness levels and positive beliefs, they fare significantly better than those with less optimistic attitudes.

If positive emotions can aid healing, can negative emotions produce cancer?

There’s a good reason why emotional healing is listed as one of the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy. When negative emotions are left unresolved, they keep the body in a state of chronic stress. Over time, this stress suppresses the immune system and can lead to a number of long-term physical problems, including cancer.

Recently, Dr. Tony had a chance to examine this intricate connection with detoxification expert Dr. Daniel Pompa in an exclusive video interview. Their discussion spanned a range of several useful topics concerning cancer, its causes, and treatments.

Watch the informative replay below to learn:

  • The 7 principles that remove fear and target cancer
  • How identifying past traumas aids healing
  • Why our exposure to new toxins and risk of cancer is increasing
  • The latest breakthroughs in sound and light therapy
  • The technology behind a brand new screening tool with the ability to identify early metastasis

If you’d like to learn more about emotions and cancer, we invite you to learn from Dr. Tony himself at the upcoming Live It to Lead It Conference on March 30th in Nashville, TN.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Jimenez’s interview with Dr. Daniel Pompa

  1. I am a combat-vet 100% … during my tour of duty in Iraq many of us seems to come down with cancer after returning from Iraq … the VA treats this with Chemo. radiation or surgery … I when thru this and almost die .. I thinking I still have Cancer stem cells that I need to kill … trying to find support to pay for treatment .. it’s that simple
    keith Walker
    Combat-vet Iraq
    Tai Ji teacher/student

    1. Hello Joe.

      Thank you for your interest!

      The book has not yet been released and we do not have a current release date. We will be sharing as soon as we know over on our Facebook and Instagram as well as here on our website.

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