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DO Think Twice: Get a Second Opinion

Life tends to move fast after receiving the unsettling news of a cancer diagnosis. Starting almost immediately, patients are pressured to make life-changing decisions without much time to take a step back, research, and weigh their options. If yourself or a loved one has recently been diagnosed, we want you to know that not only is getting a second opinion before moving forward a perfectly appropriate response; it might also be to your best advantage. Keep reading to learn our top three reasons to consider a second opinion for your cancer diagnosis.

1. Getting a second opinion can confirm or clarify initial test results

One of the biggest benefits of second opinions is their power to remove doubt and instill confidence. Regardless of how much trust you have in your initial doctor, without a second opinion, you may be left wondering if something was missed or even misdiagnosed. In fact, studies estimate that somewhere between 10-20% of all cancer cases are misdiagnosed — and misdiagnoses are responsible for a whole world of complications.

When cancer is misdiagnosed, patients miss out on a critical window for the appropriate treatment and must deal with the physical and emotional consequences as the undiagnosed disease continues to progress. Additionally, the reverse can also be true, causing some patients to experience the emotional turmoil of being told they have cancer or even undergo months of intense cancer treatments without ever having cancer in the first place. As the first step to any healing journey requires understanding exactly what you’re dealing with, getting a second opinion can be a huge advantage and put your mind at ease.

2. Getting a second opinion is a way to take an active role in your own healing

Did you know that taking an active role in your healing can be healing in and of itself? According to the director of the CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, Dr. Lisa Richardson, the latest research reveals that “patients who take an active role in their health have a greater feeling of control, are more likely to adopt positive health behaviors, and experience better health outcomes.” Getting a second opinion empowers you as a decision-maker on your healing journey, rather than entrusting all the decisions of your treatment path to the first person who diagnosed you.

3. Getting a second opinion expands your treatment options

Finally, and arguably most importantly, getting a second opinion is the best way to ensure you receive the most comprehensive care possible. Knowledge is power on the journey to healing, and the more knowledge you can acquire about your situation, the more informed your decision regarding treatment will be. Getting more than one perspective can also help you find out about potential new treatments or trials that are available, as well as explore viable healing options outside the conventional standard of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Though these treatments may be useful in some circumstances, there are a plethora of additional science-proven, non-toxic therapies. These therapies not only target cancer, but also provide a range of healing benefits to the patients. Leveraging every possible healing option will only increase your ability to overcome the odds of any diagnosis.

Too often, patients are rushed to make life-altering decisions at the first news of diagnosis without having all of the relevant information, only to later find themselves on a treatment path that doesn’t feel aligned. If yourself or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer and you’d like to understand ALL of your options, we encourage you to get a second opinion, and invite you to take advantage of our free treatment plan consultations.

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