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October 2020 Newsletter


Hope4Cancer™ BEST Practitioner Evan Hughes shares his personal story of faith in the midst of overwhelming circumstances.
2019 was a year that no one at Hope4Cancer™ Treatment Centers will be able to forget, thanks to our inspiring colleague and friend, Evan Hughes. Faith and prayer grew in us all, because one of our own was suffering in a way that felt hopeless and completely unfair at times. Evan is one of the loving practitioners of our BEST program and over the past year and half, has endured not 1 but 7 brain surgeries for a rare diagnosis at his age. Wanting to be there for his young family, not knowing what was in store next; God and his faith continued to sustain him and his family through an incredible journey of pain, suffering and now hope. Listen as Evan shares his experiences and how they have transferred even more empathy into the interactions he has with our patients. This is one podcast that you definitely don’t want to miss.

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Hope4Cancer™ continues to lead the way for hospitals and medical facilities in Mexico
Since the beginning of Covid-19, Hope4Cancer™ has been a leading example of the level of safety and care a medical facility should take to protect and care for both patients and staff members alike. In fact, at the end of September, not only did our TJ (now certified hospital) receive a 10/10 inspection rating from the Mexican government, but those same officials even took photos of our treatment center as the standard to meet for other clinics. We are proud to say this is an illustration of the dedication that each staff member puts in every day to care for our patients and one another. If you’re on the Hope4Cancer™ team, it’s a mission, not a job, for both our Tijuana and Cancun staff. Here you will find nothing but the best when it comes to top integrative cancer care, love and safety in these trying times!

Hope4Cancer™ patient Carly Brown shares her story on the premiere of the Integrative Cancer Solutions podcast!
Dedicated to helping newly diagnosed cancer patients find the information they need to understand their healing options, Integrative Cancer Solutions is a brand new podcast hosted by our colleague, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, Ph.D of The Karlfeldt Center. In the premiere episode of this vital series, our very own patient Carly Brown shares some of her journey with thyroid cancer and gives her top piece of advice to patients who are currently facing a diagnosis themselves. Listen below and be sure to look out for Carly’s full interview, to be released on our social media channels soon!

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Dr. Tony International Interview with Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva on Cancer and Immunity
Recently, our Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Jimenez had the chance to sit down with Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva, Founder and Director of Daivam Wellness in Delhi, India, for a virtual international interview on all things cancer and immunity. Learn the science behind Hope4Cancer’s non-toxic therapies, as well as how and why they aid the immune system, in this important discussion. In just over 30 minutes, these two experts discuss how the immune system plays a role in each of the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy, and provide practical ways you can start supporting your immune system at home today.

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Gamma, Delta, Zeta Oh My! How the Cancun center weathered the storm and showed up when needed most!
October has been an abnormally active weather season for Cancun, with no major hurricanes affecting the city since 2005. But this month, the Yucatan Peninsula was in the direct path of Tropical Storm Gamma, Hurricane Delta, and Hurricane Zeta. Normally, storms move in a pattern that protects this area from severe weather, but occasionally, with the right conditions, that path can change. Our Cancun center along with each and every patient and staff member made it through safe and sound! However, this was not without adversity, and we want to give major kudos to our Cancun team who — even when they had no electricity, gas, or water at their own homes for up to a week — showed up for work the moment we had the all clear to reopen.

This was only one day after Category 2 Hurricane Delta, and the very next day after Category 1 Hurricane Zeta. We are so proud to have such a supportive and genuine team who always show up to serve our patients first and foremost. We’d also like to take this moment to recognize our patients for braving the storm and being flexible during an unexpected event, as well as the staff’s dedication in adversity. A true testimony to the next-level care you will experience at Hope4Cancer!

Live Aqua, a Hope4Cancer™ partner hotel celebrates “National Doctor’s Day” by recognizing and loving on our Cancun physician team!
One unique cultural aspect in Mexico is that there are always plenty of celebrations for important roles and people in our society — mothers, fathers, children, workers, teachers, and even doctors! October 23rd is National Doctor’s Day in Mexico and our friends at Live Aqua (across the street from Hope4Cancer™ Cancun) took the time to recognize our Doctor team with some very cool surprises. It was a very special moment, knowing how well the hotel cares for our patients. For them to go out of their way to celebrate our staff was a really special moment! Check out some footage they captured to see more!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month Concludes with New Documentary, bOObs: The War on Women’s Breasts
Although October may be ending, breast cancer awareness is something we should all carry with us year-round. A new feature documentary, presented by WayMark Productions, makes this apparent as it investigates the controversy around mammograms and the over-diagnosing of breast cancer. bOObs: The War on Women’s Breasts is available on Amazon Prime and DVD for $19.95, and empowers viewers with awareness on the risks these diagnostics impose, and analyzes safer alternatives. Watch the trailer now to learn more! PLUS, for a limited time, Hope4Cancer community members can receive 25% off the DVD with the discount code CLS2020C at checkout here:

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Anti-Cancer Revolution 2 – Free Replay Weekend is Here! Unlock these complementary anti-cancer talks (and eBooks).
Our good friend, Ryan Sternagel, is the host again for this year’s Anti-Cancer Revolution 2. Ryan, a huge advocate for integrative and natural medicine solutions for cancer and health, has teamed up with Health Talks Online to put together an information-packed summit that every Hope4Cancer community member has an opportunity to watch and learn from. Ryan and his wife, Teddy, have experienced their own journey with cancer in their son Ryder, which set them on a course of non-stop learning and advocating for science-based solutions to overcome their son’s diagnosis and show others that there are more options when you really start to look. We thank them for being out there with us on the front lines, and freely sharing this information this weekend. Click the link below to sign up for the free replay weekend!

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Upcoming Events in November:

  • Nov 6 – Hope4Cancer Webinar: Turning Up the Heat on Cancer!
  • Nov 9th -13th is Dr. Tony Week at our Cancun Center 
  • Nov 13th – Hope4Cancer Webinar: Live from Cancun with Dr. V
  • November 16th-20th is Dr. Tony Week at our Tijuana Center
  • Nov 20th – Hope4Cancer Webinar: Live from our Tijuana Center

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