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January 2021 Newsletter

At the heart of the Hope4Cancer mission lies four unwavering beliefs. It is from these principal beliefs that Hope4Cancer originated and continues to grow. Our work is grounded in these core values that we aim to embody and uphold in every action and interaction.


Former Patient, Denise Karnes, Shares Her Spiritual Healing Journey at H4C Tijuana

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, Denise Karnes immediately turned to God and followed her faith to Hope4Cancer Tijuana. Today, she looks back on her experience as a blessing in which she received many spiritual lessons. Check out some of the uplifting words she recently shared about her journey:

“Going to Hope4Cancer was one of the best decisions I could have made on my cancer journey. The doctors, nurses, and staff were incredibly helpful and caring. During my 3-week stay, I witnessed many patients coming back to life right before my eyes! I entered with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma… just 4 months later, all of my lymph nodes were clear and the cancer had reversed to stage 1! I thank God continually as my Great Physician for being cancer-free, and I thank Dr. Tony so very much for creating this place where patients can come and begin the healing process.”

Watch the video below for her full testimony!


Hope4Cancer Launches SPROUT, an Original Patient-Reporting Tool for Better Treatment Outcomes!

This month, the Hope4Cancer team is thrilled to announce the launch of our new in-house patient-reporting tool, SPROUT: System for Patient-Reported Outcomes! An initiative dreamed up and designed by our very own Research & Development Team, this innovative program takes the patient journey to the next level, allowing us to track symptoms, monitor quality of life, proactively identify challenges, and continue meaningful communication even after patients return home. Be on the lookout for more information coming soon, as we start to introduce this helpful system to our community!


Our Tijuana & Cancun Patient Coordinators Share Their Perspectives on Love Inside Hope4Cancer

From embracing each visitor the moment they arrive to serving as a lifelong support system for our patients and extended community, LOVE is such an integral part of everything we do at Hope4Cancer. Every act of love, no matter how big or small, generates an immense amount of power and positivity. Recently, we sat down with our incredible Patient Coordinators, who work directly with patients offering assistance, support, guidance, and encouragement through the entirety of the healing journey, to hear their unique thoughts on how love is carefully woven through each and every moment of the Hope4Cancer treatment experience. Here’s what they had to say:

“As a Patient Coordinator, I feel special because I get to deeply know every one of our patients’ stories, and witness the camaraderie they build between one another and everyone who works at Hope4Cancer. Love is expressed in so many ways here — doctors holding patients’ hands, nurses walking with patients to their next therapy, the hugs from reception, the kitchen perfecting each meal, the admin team finding an answer for every question, the transportation drivers holding doors and ensuring safety. Personally, I like to express love by giving each patient my undivided attention. As humans, we all have a story. We all deserve to be heard and feel love.” Shanel, Hope4Cancer Cancun

“I’ll never forget this one moment… We had a patient arrive in a lot of pain and in a wheelchair. It was a very serious and difficult case; he could barely get out of bed in the beginning. But as the days passed, with the nurturing of our staff, he got better and better. Departure day came and as he got into the car with the driver, he realized he was forgetting his wheelchair! It was all laughs and smiles for everyone, because before that day he could have never imagined forgetting that wheelchair. I see love every day in those smiles, that we get to share between patients and staff.”  Valeria, Hope4Cancer Tijuana


Attend the FREE Global Cancer Symposium 2.0, featuring Dr. Tony Jimenez!

Bringing together over two dozen of the world’s leading integrative cancer healing experts, the Global Cancer Symposium 2.0 combines knowledge, research, and experience to give YOU the most effective, affordable, and scientifically proven strategies for preventing and reversing cancer. Available online and FREE from February 8th-14th, this is your chance to learn:

  • The latest innovations in integrative healing technology and treatment
  • Proven prevention techniques to help you protect yourself from the odds of cancer and chronic disease
  • Practical tips for managing the emotional, financial, and social challenges of a cancer diagnosis

Don’t miss Dr. Tony’s exclusive presentation on The Financial Burden of Cancer: Assessing Your Options to Manage a Cancer Diagnosis, premiering day 3 of the summit (February 10th)!

Dr. Tony Talks Light & Sound Therapy on The Stern Method Podcast with Ryan Sternagel

The Stern Method podcast, dedicated to all things natural and integrative cancer healing, welcomes Dr. Tony Jimenez for a special episode about Photodynamic Therapy. Learn how innovative light and sound technology has helped so many of our patients overcome cancer as Dr. Tony and host Ryan Sternagel breakdown some of Hope4Cancer’s core therapies and discuss holistic treatment philosophy.

Click here to listen now!

Upcoming Events in February:

  • Dr. Tony Week at our Tijuana Center – February 1st – 5th
  • Dr. Tony Week at our Cancun Center – February 22nd – 26th
  • Webinar – February 5th – Insulin Potential Therapy (IPT or IPTLD) In the Integrative Cancer Treatment Setting
  • Webinar – February 26th – An Introduction to an Innovative Therapy Using Ionic Calcium with Jae Lee

We are ready to serve you. Reach out today for more details about your treatment options at one of our Centers. We look forward to speaking with you!

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